Civilization Chronicles - anyone have it?

Somehow this collection passed me by. Anyone have it? how do the first two civs run on XP or Vista?

I didn’t get it, because it didn’t seem like a very good value. The extras sound cool, but I already own Civ 1-4, and $70 seemed a bit pricey for a package that doesn’t include the Civ 4 expansions.

  • Alan

$70? I saw this at the store for $40. Seems like a great value - if the first two games have been remastered to work on XP and Vista.

Yeah, the price has fallen in some places. It came out right around Warlords, so it didn’t make any sense to sell it at 40 bucks when the expansion was selling for 30.

All the Civ stuff works in XP, AFAIK, but the Civ I version is Civ for Windows, not the DOS game (if that matters to you.) I don’t think they ran all that poorly in XP to begin with. So if you already have all the versions of Civ, it’s really an issue of whether you want everything in one place.

It comes with all the tech trees and a card game designed by Soren Johnson that I can’t get anyone to learn with me. It also has a handsome box. The manuals are all on disk.


Do people really go back (in larger numbers than just a few diehards) and play the older versions? I’ve never really understood the allure of this type of thing. I would never play any of the first Civ III now that Civ IV is out and good. Not because it makes the first three bad, but because there is not enough difference between them and my gaming time is too limited to play an inferior version.

The Civ 2 and 3 expansions had some nice scenarios, but, no, there’s really no reason to go back to the core game.


For Europeans, this is available for … around £11 at Amazon.UK (

As nice as Civ IV is, I like to fire up Civ II every now and then simply because it runs in a window and isn’t heavy on the resources so I just have it open while I’m also doing other stuff. Additionally the music is really great, and with its lack of visual detail, the game also isn’t as exhausting to look at as Civ IV is when played for longer periods of time.

Civ IV is a better overall game, but I preferred Civ I and II’s combat in some ways, sometimes don’t want to deal with the resource system that showed up in III, and rather enjoyed some of the less balanced wonders and such in those early games. Plus the newer Civs lack the palace/throne room.

I don’t think I’d want to go back to Civ III, though. IV definitely seems to be a comprehensive improval on that one.

(And to be honest, no, I wouldn’t go back and play any of the earlier ones much. I only rarely play Civ IV.)

I bought this collection because I’d given away my Civ 3 at some point and hadn’t bought Civ 4 yet, and liked the idea of the card game.

It’s not a bad collection, but I’m kind of over Civ so I didn’t end up playing any of it much. The card game is poorly designed, imho. I mean, it’s not terrible terrible, but it’s pretty weak compared with all the fantastic euro-style stuff that’s out there these days.

Civ3 Conquest Expansion Scenarios were great. But Soren did such an amazing job with the Civ4 design that it really is hard to go back.

Civ4 ruined FreeCiv and Civ2 for me. Damn you, Soren! Damn you and the devs and their perfect game!