Civilization IV BtS v1.19: BUG Mod & Unofficial Patch

Public service announcement: The BUG Mod and the Unofficial Patch for the latest 1.19 patch of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword have both been released during the last month. This means it’s finally time to update from 3.17…

Also - the BAT mode is updated as well.

And so are my mini-modifications. :)

Note that my files are based on the unofficial patch, NOT 1.19 directly, since the UP slightly changes the unit definition file.

Also, the BUG Mod overlaps with some of the unofficial patch files; in that case, it seems you must let the BUG Mod overwrite those files or else it won’t work. (There’s no overlap between the BUG Mod and my mods, though.)

edit: Strangely, 7-zip complained upon extraction that Speed Commander’s ZIP implementation was “incompatible” – but extracted all the files correctly just the fine. I’ve rezipped the three changed archives (spies & unit costs) with 7-zip to avoid that error message.

Lamer of the year award:

I purchased Civ4 when it first came, read the manual and stop playing soon after due to not liking the way the gfx interfered with being able to see what’s going on in the map.

A year later I reread the manual, installed the game and it’s patches, but never loaded it up.

Last Xmas I repurchased the game and all it’s expansions through Steam, 1 week before it went on sale. I reinstalled it, again, reread the manual, again, and have yet to load the game.

I’m a dork.

Question - I got BTS (but not Overlords). Which of the handicap XML files do I need to install. Only BTS file, or do I need the vanilla as well.

Depends on what you want to play. Vanilla and BtS are different executables that access different data & mod folders, so you need to install the handicap files just for those variants you want to play.

Overlords? Is there an expansion I missed?

Ah, its probably overboard or something like that. I don’t have it so how would I know.

What is the best order to install all those? Is that OK?
Civ4 vanilla
3.19 patch
Unofficial patch
Mini modifications
BUG mod
BAT mod
Blue marble

I think they mean “Warlords”.

  1. Install the BUG Mod directly after the unofficial patch, and my mods last of all (but see below).

  2. I have NOT tested my mods against the BAT Mod or Blue Marble. Sadly those two mods are not available as ZIP files so I don’t know exactly which files they install. I don’t think there’s any conflict but you’ll have to check for yourself whether they add any XML files that would conflict with my mods.