Civilization IV: The Main Thread


Also, large stacks of workers tend to waste more worker-turns moving from one job site to another than workers working individually.


Also, having a large stack of workers on a border can be quite dangerous should an AI player decide to declare war. Yep, they’ll take all of those workers.

Grouping or ungrouping the workers depends on how many worked tiles I have that are unimproved. If I have a large number of tiles to either change or improve, then I’ll typically use one worker per tile and waste less time with them moving about as a group. I’ll also try to make room to build more workers, this sort of scenario happens after a rapid expansion.

If I have a small number of unimproved tiles, I feel it is easier to keep them as a group and knock over the improvement quickly.


So I … gosh I just got an announcement about bumping a topic – well…

Anyways I just learned that there were some great mods for Civ IV. I am scurrying to find that game on steam. Rumor has it “fall from heaven” was incredible.

But I have to agree one impression: If there is a great Dune mod I think I want that.

Anyone still playing that? And any link to that Dune mod?



And please don’t post about it or talk about it any further, or else I’ll want to start playing and suddenly 20 hours have gone missing. Must be the spice.

Oh, and here’s me and @brooski playing a sort of jury-rigged dynasty game:



Sad that this LP dates back to ancient times where there was no way to upload video tape recordings to the internet.


Whoa, and I see this is linked from the mod page:

A game diary I did on Fidgit in 2010 that would have been lost forever if it hadn’t been preserved on CivFanatics!



Thanks all downloading now. And I promise … not a word.


I’m not downloading that mod either, oh no, no, no.


Should I play the original MOD or the Revival version?


Good question. The Revival version is newer than anything I’ve tried, so I’m assuming it’s better? It seems like it has more content without messing up anything in the earlier mod. I also like reading that Revival includes work on the AI. The AI was solid when I played – I lost plenty, and the other factions were capable of mounting effective attacks, and I don’t seem to recall the AI getting tripped up on any specific game mechanics – so anything that improves it is just gravy.

Just a reminder, those of you downloading this to take a look, don’t you dare think about posting your impressions/questions/thoughts/concerns in this thread to try to lure the weak willed among us into following you.



I did NOT play it for almost 3 hours today. GD sandworms.


What faction did you NOT play? Did you have any issues NOT getting it installed? I guess the latest download just does all that stuff automatically?



Wait, is this in the same league as FFH2? Because FFH2 was pretty darn good.

I remember playing some Dune hex wargame my brother had back in the '80s. Mostly there were scrubs, and assholes, and then Sardaukar and Fremen being total badasses. I’m sure my recollection is accurate.


Well if I was allowed to be perfectly clear I would say this: It was hell to get it installed, I had to download the zip file and figure out where it went, I loaded and had to reboot 3 times, but in the END I may or may not have played the house that is sorta the subject of the mod (my friend Paul) for approximately 3 hours until XXXworms killed my scouting …. uh … helicopter scouts.

For anyone else not following you have to … at least I think you have to … unzip the contents into a file and load it into Beyond the Sword directory/mods. And maybe into documents/beyond the sword. I did both and it finally worked.

I will say this without saying more: The Aesthetic is just great. It is clean. the rules are straightforward, and the environment is wonderful.

FYI the “Windows installer” doesn’t work it seems. Your mileage may vary but I had to dl the zip file and place the files.


I had no idea this was that kinda mod.





I still have Civ4 installed despite not having touched it in like 6-7 years. It’s there if I need it.


That sounds frustrating. I’m no computer wiz but the primary obstacle I encountered was finding the Beyond the Sword folder to install the mod to, then it installed easily.

Since I purchased Civ 4 Complete from GOG the Beyond the Sword Folder is located in Program Files (x86)/GOG Galaxy/Games/Civilization IV Complete/Civ4/

The mod I installed is version 1.9.1 and then I installed the 1.9.7 patch.


The mod folder location will vary based on whether you’ve got the disc/steam/gog version. The installers default paths are almost always set up for the disc path as their default.

When did the Dune mod last get an update? I played it a while back and enjoyed, maybe this is the weekend to jump back in.


So the mod that may not be mentioned isn’t easy. I think I see a better way – oh sorry I didn’t mention it it. Less rocks more sand. I could not figure out how to plant a colony…