Civilization VI has big changes for wonder spammers

Title Civilization VI has big changes for wonder spammers
Author Nick Diamon
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When July 19, 2016 The latest faction trailer for Firaxis' Civilization VI runs through some basics of China. Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of China, leads the civilization in the game..

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Someone at Firaxis is absolutely obsessed with thinking that visually crammed tiles was the big problem holding Civ back. That was the reason behind making roads cost maintenance in Civ 5, simply because "seeing roads crisscross everywhere wasn't attractive to look at". Now they're taking that approach to all other tile improvements.

Who the hell was complaining about tile improvements needing to be stripped away and toned down? Most people thought it was one of the most enjoyable parts of the game!

The one and only thing Civ needed tweaking in was the mid to late game slog. That's it. Nothing else. Not stripping away early game features. Not one unit per tile. Not crippling growth. Not encouraging city spam. And certainly not slapping on arbitrary Diablo skill trees.

I don't know man, I think the game looks pretty promising. There are few things guaranteed in life, death, taxes, old civ players bitching about the latest civ. you have any points to make?

Only that it looks really cool and just like all the civs that came before I will probably be sucked in for 100+ hours. I especially think the way they have done the expansion of the cities looks neat. Great animation too.

You must be a politician. TRUMP 2016

I think (and forgive if I'm wrong, Mr. November) that his point was that, much like death and taxes, old civ players will inevitably complain about new versions of civ.

Also, I thought the roads crisscrossing everywhere looked pretty lame.

You got it, not sure how it wasn't clear. The funny thing is in 202? people will be bitching about how civ 7 just aint no civ 6


But the guy you were responding to was mainly criticizing Civ V features. So it's not just an issue of knee-jerk opposition to new features that subsides once they become familiar. He clearly had a lot of time to get used to Civ V's features, and he still dislikes them.