Civilization VI


You know, for as flawed as the AI is - I still enjoy playing this game if I spend more time focusing on what I’m doing instead of what the AI is doing. I’m tempted to get the expansion.


If nothing else, the Mongols are in the expansion. I do love me some rampaging hordes.


Yeah, the larger changes aside, the new playable civs offer some interesting play options. I was just watching the Cree preview, which empowers your trader to expand your land.


I’m definitely on board for the expansion (if I can shave off some time for more Civ play). Unlike most, I’m not bothered that much by the AI, since I prefer to build and leave wars to defense-only, and tend to play on easier difficulties that let me do so. More civilizations is a good thing (I really wish I could get an official Canada some day so North America isn’t so US-centric).


I’d love to see Canada, but in the meantime we are getting the Cree – and it looks like a very interesting civ to play, with an ability to claim land using a trader.


What do you suppose they would do with Canada?

I’d guess on Lester B. Pearson for the leader.
Leader ability: Nobel Peacenik gives 1 additional Diplomacy policy slot
Civ ability: Voyageurs!: Starts the game with one trader and one trade route . Trade route range is 50% greater than normal
Civ unique unit: Northwest Mounted Police: replaces Cavalry. +1 movement and +5 combat
Civ unique building: Hockey Rink replaces the Stadium and provide +3 amenities.


Civ ability: Take off, Eh!: Air units can rebase once per turn without using their move.


O Canada! Canadian units get x2 defense; however they are twice as vulnerable to foreign tourists.

(referencing the sad American attempt to invade in 1812, and the effect of American culture).


What’s their national power? Cultural invisibility?


Are you sure?


Oh, I always viewed that as the equivalent of importing flesh workers.



I think if you play that Civ you are morally obligated to call all your cities Peachtree in order to confuse invaders.


Hey, looking at that preview, you can see they have added a new casus belli – a protectorate war against a civ that attacked an allied city-state. I like.


Anyone tried the IPad version yet? How’s the game speed?


I am curious if there is any market reaction to the price tag on that? Or since the real game is an in app purchase, people are cool with it?


Came down for the championship game recently?


Last time I was in Atlanta was… uh… before GPS. It was confusing.



Why don’t they fix the AI? All this stuff is well and good, but with an AI that is already totally incompetent, how can it expect to deal with these new rules unless behind the scenes it is almost exempt from them.