Civilization VI


I’m convinced imp2 ai knew where all the resources were to remain competitive so I consider it only fair to know as well by replaying maps.


Imp2 has a setting for how much the AI gets to cheat on finding resources, because it is the best 4X ever.


I appreciate the method they’re promising in the upcoming exp. These disasters are random, but their probability of ocurring is influenced by the Civs’ actions. Even if I’m not convinced the game’s view of global warming is even remotely realistic, it makes for some fun game mechanics.


Has anyone picked this up on the Switch? I am still irrationally reluctant to pick it up since it doesn’t include the first expansion, but wondering how it is to play on the go.


We know the AI is heavily optimized for battery use at least!


So Wrath-of-God arbitrary events to guide a player’s actions? That sounds unappealing.


I think the idea is that you can pursue policies that will induce global warming, thereby raising the oceans etc., or not. Because this might create incentives for land-locked civs to try to submerge coastal civs, there are climate events that affect the heartland, too, like dust bowls. Anyway, the idea is that players influence disasters, not just the other way around.


The old Alpha Centauri “lower terrain elevation to submerge enemy city and destroy it without triggering war” exploit.


Yep, that sort of thing. I like your forum handle! It fits this discussion, lol.




I’m a native of Canada, I’m a hockey fanatic, and I like Mounties just fine, so I’m happy with all this. That said, none of my Canadian relatives declare war politely. :)

Gameplay-wise, this Civ sounds like my kind of thing: builders who can win a Cultural or Diplomatic victory.


Wow, so they are adding Canada. I remember speculating about what a Canada would be like in Civ.

The Northwest Mounted Police were the forerunners to the RCMP. A hockey rink was just such an obvious addition. I guess going with Wilfred Laurier is a good choice too.


I still can’t get over they’re charging $40 for this DLC.


wait, what?

That’s … not a great look



Base game is still 60 bucks too, two years past release.


Whoa! Finally, Canada! That has me far more interested in the DLC than I was but…still no go at that price. I’ll wait for the deep discounts to get it all to play it again one day.


I think this is the first Civ expansion I’m not buying at launch. No way am I paying $40 for an expansion that doesn’t sound that great for a Civ that isn’t that good. I’m sure I’ll get it at some point because I still need to play all things Civ, but they have started to erode my dedication.


Yup - I’m gonna pass too. Ridiculous cash grab pricing.


Civ VI made me go from hating the changes to entirely indifferent to the franchise entirely and it will be hard for them to ever bring me back.


The changes were good. It was just a huge, huge mistake not to undo one unit per tile. Civ 6 + more units per tile could have been amazing.