Civilization VI


Thanks for tbe writeup @Spock!


Hey I know some folks here were asking about the Civ V community patch/modpack. I just took it for another spin and wrote up my impressions over in the Civ V thread, in case anyone’s curious. Cheers!

(See, I can contribute positive things even in threads for terrible games I hate! ;) )


It boggles my mind that wasn’t in the base game.


Part of what will make this “The greatest DLC evar!!1!!!1!!”


So GMG seems to be the cheapest-yet-still-legit place to pick up the expansion at $31.19.


I’m concerned this expansion wont actually be “fun”. Because the rest of the game sure hasn’t felt that way I’m not sure this can fix it. But I always wanted this exact kind of thing in Civ V so I hope they can make it fun in a Simcity disaster kindaway (when you want to torch your world).


First Gathering Storm review I’ve seen


Polygon talked about it and mentioned it is overpriced. No score given.


he says its fun and he HATED civ6 at launch and stopped producing content on his channel

as far as cost, I would pay $500 for the perfect video game…let me know when they make it


Climate change just “stops”? How lame. If I want to make a mess of my planet, I should be able to see it it drown. I hope there’s a way to over-ride this limitation or I won’t be getting this.


Why would you be getting it regardless, didn’t you hate V and VI? The AI still sucks according to the above posted video.

I never got into VI, think I am burnt out on Civ in general. I will buy this when its on sale for less than $20.


Hell, I’ve been playing the sci fi Civ (for V) “Beyond Earth” and I really have been hooked on it. Might as well free week it and see. Just the combat. Though I note that in Beyond Earth (with the sea dlc) combat is interesting. I may load it up and start the Aztecs and just look around the gearhouse a bit.


There is always hope it gets a lot better. I try to never totally write something off.


I THINK they’re talking about sea level rise, but I’m not sure. There’s only so much ice, after all.


So it is free all week… I recall a few other things I got for free… but ok Civ VI. Loading it up.


It’s been close to 3 years. If it was ever going to get any better…


Weird to have a Civ expansion come out and not get it. I’m not sure what my price point will be.


Heads up gang!

Gathering Storm is now out on Steam but realize, even once installed, until you enable the exp and 2 new scenarios in Additional Content, you’ll just see the Rise and Fall title screen and have no access to the new stuff.


I’m enjoying it so far. I’m playing as the Maori, which start the game afloat at sea. I wandered for eons looking for land, and when I finally founded a city, I slowly realized that I’d just settled uncomfortably close to Sweden and Mali. Also, in my first couple turns, I had floods and tornadoes – I’ve got disasters turned up to the maximum, lol.

Fun, but I’m already quite a bit behind, this playing on Prince – the shame of it! I usually play on King or Emperor, but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d chill.


I’m really glad you’re a voice of positivity in this thread. I have the new DLC ready to go, I just need to sit down and play a game. Not sure if tonight is the night for a game but I’m looking forward to trying out the new features.