Civilization VI


My scout got promoted. I can’t figure out how to promote him. I click on the “promote” icon on the far right side, and that highlights the scout. Isn’t he supposed to have a promote order above the unit card in the lower-left that I can click on to promote him. Am I misremembering (I haven’t played in a long time) or is this a bug?



It might be because he has already moved so will be able to promote next turn.

Edit: I assume his promotion was for discovering a new continent and/or natural wonder during his movement.


Thanks @Strato. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I didn’t notice any ability to promote him until about 10 turns later when a second unit got promoted, at that point I saw a promote icon over the first unit. But it could be I just kept checking him after moving him. Apparently you can’t promote a unit after it’s moved (which makes sense, since promoting seems to take up all available movement points).


That is correct. I think part of the reasoning is that promotions also give health (50 health if I recall). I seem to remember in Civ V for instance that people would attack, then promote after. This prevents gaming the system in that way.

Like you see in the picture, there should have been a prompt to say that a unit was ready to be promoted. Across the top of the unit card will also be an action to promote, but yeah, it is very easy to miss. I do like the fact that the game doesn’t nag me to promote because of the health restoration effect. Sometimes it is nice to save up the promotion, then burn it to burst heal when needed.


The downside, though, is that the unit will not gain XP until a promotion is chosen.


Enjoying the expansion, but had to repair my install to get around a bug. Doing saw caused my edits of the font size to go away. At 1920x1080, I find the font too small. Searched around to see if there were any new recommendations instead of editing the individual font sizes and found this recommendation. Works great for me with a setting of 20%


My experience thus far:

  1. No wars have been declared on me yet where the AI isn’t nearby.
  2. Too early to tell, the Mongols declared war on me twice but they had equivalent tech.
  3. Haven’t seen this one way or the other. Thus far, it feels like wars are less common overall.
  4. The AI probably still sucks in this area. That’s largely a problem with the game’s design and likely won’t ever be solved.
  5. I’ve been playing peaceful, so haven’t been conquering cities.
  6. I haven’t seen this yet, but that’s largely do to map generation thus far (haven’t seen many situations where the AI could be doing this).
  7. Diplo AI seems significantly better. Thus far in two games up to the Modern era, I’ve been able to maintain friendly relations. The nations that I have poor relations have so far tended to dislike me for understandable reasons. Either we have a religious conflict, we’re competing over wonders, or it’s an asshole like the Mongols.
  8. I haven’t seen crazy city spam like it used to before. I play on Large maps though, so there’s enough room for non-crappy cities. Not sure how things are once land gets more tight.


Issues I can report thus far and how I anticipate them being handled;

  • Grievances don’t always seem to work like they’re supposed to. I expect this will be fixed in a patch. (example - a promise to not convert a city was broken, but no grievance appeared)
  • Grievances also seem to end really quickly. My guess is this is a way to fine-tune the amount of warfare, but it also seems to imply asking forgiveness is more useful than asking permission. eg - a nation attacks a city state, but the grievance is gone in only 3 turns. I expect a mod to handle this.
  • Too few map types. I expect this is to make a market for more DLCs.
  • Admirals seem kinda iffy, but maybe I’m just not as familiar with their nuances. May get a buff in a patch, DLC, or mod.
  • While the diplomatic AI is certainly much better, logic doesn’t always apply when it comes to the World Congress. In a domination-only, it seems like the AI isn’t as cutthroat as I would have imagined as they’ll vote down punishments against leading civs. Just seems to be a game design choice.
  • Speaking of the World Congress, in one game it was formed and two mystery members stayed … mysteries until I met them on the map. Look, I know Wakanda likes their privacy, but enough, already. Likely to be fixed in a patch.
  • The “What will you offer me for ___?” doesn’t always work very well. It seems to generate a lot of 1 gold offers when you can actually get much more from that nation. I expect this to be fixed in a patch.


What’s changed about them?


I’m in late game as Dido, large map, epic speed, shuffle map type and king difficulty.

Early game was, as usual, fun. On oddity is that I never had any barbarians to contend with. They are on the map, just no spawning in my general area. It turns out I was on either small continents or a large island with two other nations. Playing as Phoenicia, I could expand rapidly and without a care when it comes to loyalty. I did verbally tell the computer not to settle where my own settler was moving to, but alas, I was one turn too late. That lead to a brief war where the AI once again disappointed. It never builds enough units.

Midgame, I decided to conquer the rest of the island for myself. I started with muskets and cannons, finished with infantry and artillery. My science progress was eclipsing the other two nations (Kongo and Inca) to the point where conquering cities was a breeze. Add in a few battleships bombarding and I had no problems.

One thing to be careful of with Dido is CO2 emmissions. For a start, I’m the leader when it comes to environmental impact, and all those cities I place on the coast are losing coastal tiles. I’ve also decided I’ve won the game, but keep persisting just to see what else there is to learn before bumping up a difficulty. Right now, it is a race between diplomacy (boring), culture (boring) space (boring) and conquest (boring). Yep, every condition is boring because no one can contest me effectively. The joys of being on a conquering binge. Either space or conquest will bring about victory the fastest, so I’m hoping for one or both.

Maybe it is the effect of playing as Phoenicia, but gold is much easier to come by. In the classical era, I was making about 300 gold per turn. I think because I’m encouraged to build cothons, that is the contributing factor with all of those sweet, sweet trade routes of course. Needless to say, no gold problems at all this game. Rush buying builders is a nice thing to do.

One annoyance with the game is the road and railway system. They just make the map look ugly. I can have districts in some areas, wonders in others, then random spots which have a bit of road or railway showing, and it stands out with how ugly it looks. And of course, there’s no way to know if a tile that has a wonder or district has a road or railway on occasion, that needs a mouseover to check.

Also not sure why in the leader selection screen Firaxis went from alphabetical sorting, as was the case in the base game and R&F, to this new alphabetic sort by DLC. So new leaders always at the top, and base game leaders all the way down the bottom.


Ah, sorry - just an overall complaint; burning the bonus ability just seems rather uninspiring. They’re the same since Rise and Fall, however.


I hope, if this is the final exp, they’ll finally fully open up to modders. There have been multiple AI modders lamenting that, without access to the “black box”, all they could do to influence the AI is fiddle with the weighting of aspects covered in the ini files.


If they follow their course since Civ5, they’ll release it is this is their last expansion or DLC, which is a damn shame. Someone needs to smack whichever 2K or Firaxis exec thinks mods cannibalize expansion sales. The modding community should be seen as partners, not competitors.


Doesn’t XCOM 2 have a thriving mod scene even right from the jump?


Does anyone know where active promises can be viewed? I can’t find 'em.


Amen to that.


I’ve been poking around at mods, and a bunch are already updated for GS. I haven’t tried any yet, but I thought I’d link some mods that might be of interest to people here. You might consider making some of these “favorites” rather than “subscribing” if you don’t want to install yet; at least, that’s what I’ve been doing. (Also: can anyone point me to a mod or graphical cheat-sheet, updated for GS, that indicates Wonder/District eligibility and adjacency bonuses?) Anyway, here’s a list for starters:

1. Pidi’s Religious Border Control.
“It’s quite a simple mod. No religious unit from another Civ can pass your borders without the deal “Open Borders”.”

2. Historic Speed (Extended Eras). “Historic game speed has Standard-speed production times and longer-than-Marathon research times.” Adjusts calendar, tweaks upkeep and other stuff.

  1. Sukritact’s Simple UI Adjustments. CQUI will take a while to update, but in the meantime there’s this.

4. Extended Diplomacy Ribbon. This is the mod that I’m likely to install first. Super-informative tooltips on what’s going on with each leader diplomatically.

5. Jam’s Difficulty Mod. On higher difficulties, no AI starting bonuses, extra units, or combat bonuses. Instead, AI gets production/food/gold/other bonuses that grow over time.

I haven’t tried Jam’s, and the author says it needs more testing. It sounds like an updated version of the old Smoother Difficulty mod, which hasn’t been updated for GS yet. AI+ hasn’t been updated either.

6. Dynamic Diplomacy (Friendship Bonuses Version) - I’m not sure this is necessary given the improvements to diplomacy in GS, but the author is updating it for GS. “Friendship bonuses” mean you get a bonus for being friends with a particular leader – like more food for harbors if you’re friends with Kupe (Maori). Other interesting changes, but I’m gonna play vanilla a while before trying this. Not sure how it interacts with the Extended Ribbon mod.

7. Immersive Dialog. Adds leader-specific variation to dialog. Instead of “How Dare you,” Teddy now says “I think you’ll find that the United States is not to be trifled with,” or some such. It’s been updated for GS but I’m not sure the author has actually added new flavor text for the new GS civs, so I’m not gonna install until I know that.


I bought Civ 6 and the last expansion. I really want to like what’s going on but this series hasn’t clicked for me the way Civ 4 did. Is this expansion worth it? I’m sorry, I realize the that’s probably a loaded question. I guess does this expansion make Civ 6 the best it can be?


Hmm, if you don’t care for Civ 6, I’m not sure this expansion will change your mind. It improves a lot of things but it doesn’t radically overhaul anything. Don’t get me wrong – I love it myself, and I think it’s a better expansion than R&F. But I’m not sure it will wow you if you already didn’t like Civ 6.

Improvements include environmental catastrophes, global warming, better diplomacy (with a diplomatic currency and a Diplomatic Victory), some cool new civs (Maori start at sea, Incas thrive in mountains, Swedes do the Novel Prize, etc etc), very cool naming of map features, more interesting geology, prettier maps, some UI upgrades. But it’s still Civ 6 at its core. For me, that’s a plus; for you, maybe not.

Hope that helps a bit!


Thanks for the write up, that is very useful. I find the workshop difficult to navigate sometimes.