Civilization VI


I don’t know, honestly. Given how much work the AI needs and their track record going back to the previous title, I’m… skeptical. I don’t really have any confidence in that department, so I’m hoping the modders get access to the AI code some day and make it competent, like they eventually did with Civ5.

Would love to hear about it if the AI is significantly improved, though!


If I hear about major AI improvements, I’ll come back to this and see if it’s worth playing again.

That’s what it will take to get me to buy any Firaxis game ever again. Civ 6 was the last straw.


Yea, I never did buy this. I’m sitting here subscribed to the thread hoping against all odds that suddenly I see half a dozen posts saying that the last patch made the AI acceptable. Primarily the diplomatic and strategic AI; I don’t expect the tactical to ever be competent, but I want the AI making smarter decisions for the long game and making reasonable decisions in terms of diplomacy, or at least reasons I can comprehend.

All the negative comments on the AI upon release made it so that it’s highly unlikely I’ll buy the game unless modders can fix it up eventually. The only positive I take from it is that for perhaps the first time I managed to resist a game I really wanted but knew I shouldn’t just jump on. Still, I keep reading Civ 6 threads hoping for some good news.


FYI, 3 was Jeff Briggs, the longtime music guy on Civ.


I would say that it did. Current game I am playing, Rome got ahead of me on military techs and immediately declared war, despite our long standing good relationship. They were careless with their knights, but not so with their cavalry, which was their big advantage. I managed to hold them off, but I was hard pressed and had some lucky terrain advantages. And there was no question of my going after their city – I was lucky to get off with pretty much a white peace.

Pre-patch, I don’t think I ever got to cavalry after my rivals, and I don’t think I ever had a war so far into the game where I was lucky to get a draw. Their attack was well timed, it required some competence to get into the situation to try it, and it wasn’t that terribly executed. Which is to say, that the tactical still looks weaker than the rest.


There is some hope with the AI. While likely still far from challenging to pros, it appears to have reached “Competent” (far fewer extremely stupid choices). An example, pre-last 2 patches, King AI could rarely take a walled city (from the human or other AI players) or use aircraft. Even the modder behind AI+ feels Firaxis has now addressed all of the aspects his mod was made to address, although to be honest, the fact he could only play with values in the XML files, there are many core AI aspects the AI+ dev had no way to access/modify.


Has anything been done to address the obscene spamming of missionaries and the like?


Funny you ask. I haven’t seen this for some time, but I don’t know why.

I decided some time back that the best way to handle religion in this game is to ignore religion. I choose my pantheon when it comes along naturally. After that, I pay the religious game no mind. And I get only an occasional foreign missionary or two sniffing around

Not sure what would happen if I founded a religion in my next game. Would this draw a wave of missionaries to do battle with me?

But, in terms of gameplay,. my seems to work. I see no reason to found a religion. Holy sites compete with more effective choices of districts for my cities. I see no possible reason to wait to build an economic, science, production, or cultural district in favor of a holy site, and, by then, what possible purpose would there be? (Maybe one later, to save up for a national park, but even there, why not just use archeology to pile up tourism?) And never once has another civ come close to beating me with a religious victory.


Interesting. I haven’t played in a long time, but when I was, I had to get a mod that forced religious units to respect closed borders, because every single game I was flooded with dozens of missionaries and the like.

I’ve never really pursued religious victory–I usually turn it off–and I don’t think Civilization handles religion particularly well, for a lot of probably pretty reasonable reasons. It’s one of those things that would feel weird if the game ignored it, but which does not lend itself to easy quantification for game purposes.


I’m going for a religious victory in my current game (not going to make it, but it was a fun attempt) on a huge map with one large continent. Even with the large number of civs and every religion being founded, only one civ had any significant number of religious units and that was Brazil with a bunch of Inquisitors. After they were taken care of, I’ve not seen any more than 2-3 at a time from any civilization.

So, if it’s not been changed, this game is certainly different in terms of religious unit spam. I’m more spammy than any of the AI in this game.


I’m playing on a continents map with Alex the Great. I’m going for a domination victory, but my starting circumstances gave me the opportunity to easily convert two civs because they were on the next continent over with no religion. I’m kind of dual tracking a domination and religious victory. Like Equisilus, I’ve seen religious units but the numbers aren’t the overwhelming spam that I remember from playing the release version.

On a different note, playing as Alexander, I find that I am shooting ahead quickly in the tech and civics trees from all the inspirations and eurekas I am getting through conquest.


Interesting. May give it another shot, thanks.


Excellent news for Civilization VI Digital Deluxe edition owners!

It’s important to us that wherever Civilization fans live around the world, that the Digital Deluxe edition provides a great value. We saw that prices with certain currencies didn’t live up to the savings we’re looking to deliver, and so we are excited to offer this new content at no additional charge to those who purchase, or already own, the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe edition.

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing two additional Civilization & Scenario Packs for Civilization VI that will introduce three new leaders representing civilizations from Africa and Southeast Asia. This content will appear automatically for purchasers of the Civilization VI Digital Deluxe edition upon release.


Awesome! I wonder who we can look forward to joining the fray from Africa and SouthEast Asia? I also always have to wonder if any of these countries being added are sales/market driven, like, “If we just included x in the lineup we might rack up some sales there…”


So I gave Civ 6 another shot this week as the Aztec which I had not played before, and Eygpt and Greece (Gorgo) which I had at the Emperor. The Aztec are a bit OP with being able to turn defeated enemy units into builders and other advantages.

I played the Egyptians through the Renaissance. If there were significant improvements to the AI I sure didn’t see them. In 3 game, I capture 5 unescorted settlers. Even when the AI managed to concentrate the force instead of moving forward it still shuffles units around allowing my archers to slowly kill them. It also did dumb things like bypassing my new city guarded by a single archer and instead headed toward my walled capital. Not a single city was ever in danger of being captured.

It is really too bad they’ve ruined my favorite franchise.


Thanks for that update, I’ve still been considering buying it. I guess I’ll have to hold out hope that expansions fix it; I didn’t like 5 much until the expansions dropped. Hopefully they can make 6 acceptable as well.


I saw this thread get bumped and I was hoping for the announcement of a DLC that could possibly fix this game. Something like Crusades. Civ6 needs a LOT of help to make it more compelling and challenging.


Similar to Strollen, I decided to give Civ VI another go recently. I hadn’t played the game since release, and even then, only went so far as my second game before I quit due to playing as Pericles and neighbouring another Pericles. It annoyed me more than it should have, and was enough for me to forget about Civ VI and play something different.

Having picked it up again, I sat down and found myself disappointed with the game still. One of my chief complaints that still persists is that the AI does not upgrade its units. Why am I still finding a Civ with archers in the modern era. More to the point, it was a common finding around the globe, city state and major civ alike.

Furthermore, viewing the end game graphs tells a woeful tale of AI ineptitude. Wars were frequently fought but city captures were rare. In fact, I was the mightiest conquerer taking 5 cities in one war, completing destroying the French, while the rest of the AI nations combined took as much over the course of the game.

And playing in the end game sucks. I did space race for something different, and never again will I go that path. The turns drag out, and it felt like a chore to basically hit the end turn button and wait for my final city to finish its Mars mission component. There was never any tension, it didn’t feel like a race, just a casual “I’ve won this game, get the cheevo’s” driving me forward.



I have decided that I am done buying Civ games. Firaxis doesn’t seem to care about AI at all. The most glorious game mechanics do not matter at all if you are playing against an idiot. When the next civ comes out, someone please remind me that the AI sucks and that I do not want to buy it.


Chiming in with my experience…

The AI did improve…barely. Not enough to matter. I’ve been playing on Immortal.

It can finally take a walled city, IF it outnumbers you 6 to 1. And I don’t mean a 6 to 1 ratio, I mean only 6 units against 1. If it’s any more units than that, it will run into a traffic jam and have no clue how to herd all those units to overwhelm you.

The AI’s one and only shot at beating you is still in the very early first 20-40 turn rush, before walls, before you have a chance to match its massive starting army advantage. That’s it. That’s the AI’s only hope. If it can’t beat you in the first 50 turns then it’s never going to beat you.

That means the entire game past turn 50 is pointless. You will win. It’s just a matter of time. It still can’t win via domination. It still can’t win with space race because the requirements are so ridiculous and the costly space port districts so easy to take out. It still has no idea how to take advantage of tourism bonuses to generate enough to win a culture victory. It can’t win a religious victory because you just declare war and wipe out its missionaries the instant they threaten to convert you.

I’m not even an expert at this game. I was never able to win any Civ 4 games beyond Monarch difficulty, yet I’ve never lost a Civ 6 game on Immortal (barring the super early rush). I’ve never been in the slightest danger of losing to any of the victory conditions. The AI just completely lacks the ability for the final push needed for culture or scientific victories, and a human player will never lose to a religious victory.