Civilization VI


The community mod makes the Civ5 AI much, much, better! I really disliked Civ5 mostly due to the AI, and that modpack finally allowed me to enjoy the game. I had a lot of fun with it.

Just go grab the Vox Populi mod and go to town.


Yeah, the AI is better with the community patch for sure. Still not, like, amazing, but better. Strong recommendation.


Historical low at the steam summer sale. Is it worth it at this point? I’ve played all the Civ games, with 4 being my favorite although 5 was also not bad.


If you put most of your current Civ playing time into 4, I’d probably pass. If you like 5 enough that you return to it often, 6 may be a nice fit for you. It adds a lot of cool features, although (as with 5) the AI isn’t really good at utilizing them.

If you don’t have XCOM 2 already, buy the bundle for only $5.84 more (note that this bundle won’t come with DLC for either game, however)


been doing alot of research on this one…seems if u loved 4, hated/bored with 5, you probably will like 6
(which describes me)

the feeling i get is alot of people can’t adapt to 6 new features and pine for the good ole days of 5

seems they did the same thing from 4 to 5

anyway, its in my cart…just haven’t puled the trigger yet


As someone who played every entry in the series (except maybe 1?), Civ 6 was the end of the line for me of the Civ series as day 1 purchases. They stumbled with Beyond Earth and stagnated with Civ 6. The AI is now officialy the nail in this game’s coffin for me.

However if I had a regular gaming group interested in mp civ 6, things may have been different. What little I played of MP yielded the best mp civ experience yet.

FWIW I was a huge fan of the innovations of 5 (hex, no stacking).


I see other people on the fence too…the AI is a big deal to me also. I’m hearing that the diplomacy is borked because of wacky AI.


I like the sound of the changes they made in 6, but reports of terrible AI are holding me back.


[quote=“Nihm, post:2812, topic:78555, full:true”]
As someone who played every entry in the series (except maybe 1?), Civ 6 was the end of the line for me of the Civ series as day 1 purchases. [/quote]

Same here, I’ve bought and played every one of them extensively and with 6 the series officially became dead to me.


Oof. Urge to buy falling…falling…


Thirded. Civ 7 will be a wait-and-see now because of their absolute failure with Beyond Earth and the actively-stupid AI of Civ6. I don’t know know how to properly judge the features of Civ6 because of how terrible the AI is. But I’d much rather play Civ4 or Civ5.





It’s a frustrating game weighed down by annoying UI choices and certain game mechanics that make no sense, but I suffer/enjoy it on MP because my sister still loves this series. It’s the only reason I play. I have other games I play for SP enjoyment.


Only if you have a group to regularly play multiplayer with.

I myself only thought the single player was decent until I realized how it is utterly impossible to lose to the AI (outside of a starting unit rush in the first 30 turns). If you survive the first 30 turns, it’s not a matter of if you’ll win, it’s when. Just keep hitting the end turn button (and wait through the LONG late game processing times) until it happens.

I’m not even a great Civ player. I could never beat 4 above Monarch difficulty. I cannot lose (outside of a starting rush) in 6 even on deity.


Fourth. Even as MP, there are better options, like AOW3.

The only way I buy Civ 7 now is if folks on here rave about it.


Every bit this, I absolutely love this game and the AI is more than competent.


I loved 4 and thought 5 was good. I hate 6.


OK, I’m officially going to pass on it at this point…


You have chosen… wisely.


It seems like, in their effort to abolish the stack of doom, they forgot that was the only thing keeping the AI a military threat.

(Although that doesn’t explain why the AI is so incapable of producing a simple space race victory)

Am I the only one who thinks it’s high time Civ moved to a different combat model than the long outdated Empire Deluxe? Something more like Master of Orion’s tactical combat. The Imperialism games did a great job with this (individual tiles for improvements and workers, giant Risk-like territory spaces for army movement).