Civilization VI


Yes. It doesn’t have to be Civ4 stacks again (although I honestly had no problem with them. If a stack wiped you you either needed some collateral damage units or you just got whooped economically), but i think it’s clear by this point that 1UPT doesn’t work. Or at least Firaxis is unwilling to put the resources to getting the AI to understand it. There are other options out there like MOO, GC3, Call to Power, etc.


I think what killed it for me in Civ 6 was simply the adding of potentially interesting new mechanics while failing to update the game’s AI to competently handle them. I want to play an AI that, much like a board game, understands the victory conditions and is making an honest attempt to win, not simply some cheesy thematic (and thus very predictable) opponent in there to harass the player with no idea of how to actually win the game.


Yeah, no one is expecting brilliance from the AI. Just basic gameplay. And they can’t even manage that.


I keep waiting for them to release the full SDK, and I don’t get why it hasn’t happened yet. 6, even more than 5, has taken a beating for its AI. I still enjoy it, but I know it can be SO much better if some … well, competent people without blinders get their hands on it. I start to wonder if the delay on releasing the full SDK is based more on hubris than anything else.



I like it and keep going back to it.

But admittedly, I do not play like a lot of other people. I might use war to grab something I feel I need, but never to expand vastly. So the one unit per tile bit doesn’t impact my enjoyment nearly as much.

Not that I couldn’t suggest some improvements, but of the games that came out in the past couple years, it would remain near the top in terms of enjoyment and time spent.

(Oddly, 5 bored me to tears. I felt like every map presented the same basic situation.)


I wouldn’t mind seeing the 1UPT battles go tactical like HOMM or other TBS games that have units fight on a zoomed-in grid representing the current terrain of the outer map. Like most of those games, if you wanted to skip that part of it, you could still have the auto-calculated outcome but for those that wanted to manually control the units it’d be there for you. It’d make the games much longer, and leave players designing armies of multiple units instead of just producing blips on the global map.

I’m good either way, as they are all games that I enjoy for what they offer.


bought it…played for 2 hours and refunded it

I did like the graphics and time flew by but I played this game for 25 years now…me and civ are done


Paradox just acquired Triumph Studios, so the number one worry for fans right now is getting 100 dlc. The next worry is pushing future Aow titles into, as you say, fun to read about and not fun to play.

That said I did play CK2. It was actually fun. I played as various English factions always starrting before the Vikings arrived (except for one game fending off the Norman Invasion). That was after reading a tonne and watching a youtube instucrtions series.

I didn’t have the heart to try and relearn the game with Viking factions…:(



If only barbarians were strong enough to conquer the first city that would be a suitable way to go.


“What’s a Nubian?”


According to The Free Dictionary Nubians are:

  1. (Peoples) a native or inhabitant of Nubia, an ancient region of NE Africa


Generally used as an insult to imply that someone is new to a game or otherwise unskilled.

Ex: “lol rekt nubian”


Jeez. Turn in your nerd cards.


Wait, did everyone else get nerd cards? All I got was a complimentary snack-sized bag of vegan Cheetos.


Along with the release of the Nubia DLC, the ‘Summer 2017 Update’ was also released with some nice UI enhancements and some AI tuning:


Anyone willing to try it and comment on the new AI?


Here, I haven’t played but let me save you time.

Day 1: Hmm, I think it seems to be better in some areas.

Day 10: I now see that it just as dumb as before.


Muchos gracias


I haven’t got around to Civ6 yet (too pricey for the problems it’s alleged to have), but this is one of their more inspired civ choices. It looked like the series was moving away from its Eurocentrism with V, but VI and its early DLCs regressed on that point. Nubia helps correct that, if only a little. I would love to see a Caribbean or Circumpolar civ next.