Civilization VI


Losing my religion…

I’m loving these quarterly updates! Gimme, gimme, gimme!


So what I get from this update is the AI has more types of religious units to choose from when they spam them across the world.


Religion gets fleshed out with new beliefs and religious units. Two new Pantheons will be get introduced into the game, along with new Founder, Follower, Enhancer, and Worship Beliefs. These beliefs unlock the ability to build two new buildings as well as a new combat unit, the Warrior Monk.

We also heard your requests for a deeper overall experience – and took that to heart with revamped religious combat. Religious units can now exert Zone of Control and receive Flank and Support bonuses in religious combat. Meanwhile, the Guru religious support unit can heal nearby religious units.

There is literally nothing here that I want.


The zone of control on religious units may help.


“Finally, the Religion Lens has been overhauled to improve overall usability and readability.”

This will make the religion aspect of the game playable again. The quote represents a masterful understatement – at many times, it was simply impossible to determine the religious status of a particular city, so the one time I went for a religious victory, I felt roughly as though I were aiming for a domination victory without a monitor. I really like the game and have played well over a thousand hours, but I have been pretending religion is not part of the game. It really boggles the mind that they left it broken for so long.


You summed it up a lot faster and with much less snark than what I was typing out.

Adding flanking and tactical elements to Religious units just sounds like a really bad idea. For starters, it’s just yet another area to showcase how the AI can’t play the game. Second, why make Religion act like combat in the rest of the game? Why is there even Religious Combat to begin with? In the next patch are we also going to get Bards and Fashion Designers to face each other down in dance competitions to generate Culture?

I like the idea of religious units in certain time periods, like Crusaders that can be recruited with Faith. But this added emphasis on Jesus fisticuffs is just doubling down on bad design, IMO.




My sentiments exactly.


These guys get it.


I finally took Civ VI for a spin.

You can add my name to the “meh” pile. I haven’t even gotten far enough to really start to mock the AI. I don’t like many of the new mechanics (some of which are not bad in and of themselves, they just feel out of place). I don’t like how there seems to be more of everything (more tech trees! More decisions on things!) yet every individual thing feels watered down (I founded a cult, and a religion, and made some civics choices, and I have +5 prod in the capital or something in total. dream big). I don’t like how they gave us a weird hybrid worker system that’s neither 4 (which is good, although it quickly turns into busywork so you automate a lot, as is tradition in the series) or 5 (which just removed them but lacked Call to Power’s elegance). I don’t like how the explore/build for bonuses thing basically points you down a rote/busywork path to be repeated over and over (and anyway the rewards are more slop). In my last game I looked up and had some sort of great person I didn’t care about and just deleted it because I really honestly couldn’t be bothered.

Think I will go back to Civ IV and SMACX.


The philosophy for the designers was “make a significant decision every turn”. But what didn’t occur to them was that in order to do that they would have to drain the significance of all the decisions in the game. The decisions wind up not really mattering. The desire to interrupt turns with pointless decision making motivates an awful lot of bad gameplay.

This is where all that inane firehose of diplomatic babble comes from, the repeating trade route issues, the repeating spy assignment issues, the meaningless tech tree choices in a tree that’s so narrow and cross-dependent you have to learn everything anyway. If I could press a permanent “fuck you” button for all diplomatic interactions to skip them all I would happily do so. Combine all that with the computer being quite unable to play its own game either in city design and planning or in army coordination and what’s the point really?

All things considered it’s a watered-down, denatured, and fundamentally uninteresting retread of a game, and moreover devoid of the stylized charm, personality, and fun fluff of some of the earlier games.


I did like districts and Wonder placement, in terms of how it made the map an even more important part of the game. But other than that, this is the second Civ I guess I just need to wait for modders to fix (it would likely be three, had I not skipped Beyond Earth).

Speaking of mods, are they repeating the same stupidity as they did with Civ5, where they won’t release the SDK until after they’re done with DLC?


Out of a modern context where other 4X games exist ,i think Civ VI is decent enough, but i’d rather play Stellaris or Civ V or Endless Space 2 or Endless Legend.




fall patch is out…also, I got a 50% coup…they really know how to twist a guys arm


Civilization VI ‘Fall 2017 Update’

Lots of AI tuning/bug fixes, so get to testing!


I also got a 50% off coupon for the digital deluxe edition. Free to a good home… :)


Expansion announced. Maybe this fixes the game?


The game’s great as is. This will only make it better on the scale of the XCOM 2 expansion.