Civilization VI


I can’t remember the last time I was ever in a non-win scenario that was military/conquest based, since I play as a builder, so I always play to the end whether I have a chance of winning or not. For me, it’s just about seeing where I end up, not so much about coming out on top. One thing I don’t like about Civ games is the idea that all but one civ don’t ‘stand the test of time.’

So no, no last minute attempts at rushing, suicidal moves, I just continue on my way as best I can.


With Civ, I normally keep playing unless I’m completely disengaged from the game due to lack of time immersed in that particular world. It sounds corny, but I like to try and keep the hope alive. And I’ve had those moments where the dominoes fall into place and I can scratch out a win. And those wins are the best. That phoenix rising from the ashes.

Where I normally quit a game of Civ is when I’m miles ahead and the end game bores me (all too often with Civ V and VI) or it is early game and the more I uncover the fog, the less I like my start position.


I’d say I’m most likely to quit, but if it’s a situation where someone I’ve been friends with most of the game has a shot at winning I’ll keep playing and try to secure them the win (even though it’s AI).

Also, if I’ve been playing a militaristic game I’ll go for a suicide attack as it seems more in character but I tend to prefer building so that rarely happens.


Is there a mechanic that limits City spamming? I don’t see the equivalent of Corruption or other mechanics that reduce your effectiveness as the number of cities grow, although I’m not past the “poking around trying to figure out the mechanics of the game” stage. (I’m playing vanilla without the expansion.)


Yep, but it doesn’t tell you about it!

Districts get an opaque cost modifier based on how many you have vs the leader, Era, and the disposition of Mars relative to Taurus. It easily becomes 2x or worse.

Also techs get a cost coefficient and probably some other dumbass things, because Civilization VI is wrong about everything.


The district cost modifier works in favour of more cities, not against: the cities you do have can’t build districts cheaply, but more population (helped by having more cities) gives you some of the advantages districts can offer such as more science, culture, gold etc.

The district cost modifier is based primarily on the number of techs and civics you have finished. There is also a discount available if you have lots of districts completed but few placed of a given type. There’s no comparison to other civs.

Nonetheless, the modifier renders districts quickly extremely expensive. However it’s exactly the same modifier as used for the value of harvesting resources and forests, so you can reliably chop out districts at the same effective cost throughout the game. That does bring into focus one of the main drawbacks of the Civ VI economy: chopping forests provides way more production than cities can. So a freshly founded city with lots of forests to chop can produce an army faster than several established cities.

Techs do not scale in cost with the number of cities placed, that’s a Civ V thing only.

The primary mechanic that actually limits city spamming is that the cost of settlers increases with each one you build. At default speed it’s 80 cogs for the first one, 110 for the second, 30 more for each thereafter. Pretty severely limits how quickly you can build them in the early game. The negative effect of this is that it just makes conquest (or capturing settlers) all the more powerful: you get the cities without the cost increase.

The other reason not to spam cities early on is the opportunity cost in not doing everything else. In particular there are quite a few tech and civic boosts that you will miss if devoting your civ to building settlers.


Okay fine what he said. But just cause I’m wrong doesn’t mean I’m wrong ;)


I don’t mind you hating on Civ VI, it has loads of flaws. Particularly in single player where all the clever aspects of the design are irrelevant because the AI and UI suck so much. But hey, they may as well be accurate flaws. :)


Nothing proved that the designers have no idea how the game works than when they gave Magnus that insane forest chop bonus.


Agree on Magnus. I like Civ 6 more than most people here, but I’ve always hated chopping in Civ. I wish they’re remove it altogether.


They had an interesting idea by giving chopping a cost (it costs a builder charge). And then they completely screwed it up by making builders cheap and chopping overpowered. Oh well.

I read about Magnus and gave the expansion a miss.


Got another question for all of you. The Factory and Power Plant improvements mention that their “bonus extends to all city centers within 6 tiles”. I take this as meaning I don’t have to build them in all my cities, just some and any other city within 6 tiles acts as if they had a Factory or Power Plant.

But my cities within 6 tiles still have the option to build Factories and Power Plants, and in fact, the “advisor recommended” icon is showing up on that option.

Am I misunderstanding what “bonus extends” means?


On release the Powerplant/Factory bonus stacked. I don’t know if it does w/ expansions + patches now.


Thanks @Sareln. Playing on Vanilla, the tooltip says “multiple copies of this building within 5 tiles of a city center do not provide additional bonuses.”

I’m assuming it goes from the Industrial Zone to City Center, so that’s another thing I should be paying more attention to when placing Industrial Zones.


Yeah, it stacked on release and was insanely overpowered. They patched that out pretty quickly because it encouraged tightly packed cities with no concern for terrain, all getting loads of free production.

If anything, it’s now too far the other way. Factories are still really expensive but take quite a while to pay off. Even so, you probably want to try to plant a few industrial districts and cover most of your cities with the factory bonus. You definitely don’t want them everywhere.

Note that as far as I can tell the great people who provide a bonus to factory production provide it to the city with the factory only.

Yes it’s 6 tiles, not counting the industrial zone itself. The game could really use a display for this when you’re placing it.


Saw this is on sale for less than $20 on Steam and figured I would investigate the forum consensus on whether to purchase. I have had it on my wishlist for a while but have not investigated reviews, etc. Seems like a pass…


I never got into VI, but most here at QT3 also hated V, which seems to be loved everywhere else. If you like V, I would think it’s worth a shot.


Don’t listen to him. I love V and am QT3’s leading authority on hating VI ;)


It’s certainly worth $20. It’s a decent game that can eat up a lot of playtime. Sure, Civ IV was tops, but I liked V and VI just fine, too. Then again, I go into Civ just wanting to build a nice little (or big) civilization with all the bells and whistles and just want everyone to get along, so if your thing is war you might have a different opinion what with needing to consider AI behaviour and all.


Love Civ4, Love Civ5, hate Civ6. The stupidest, most boneheaded AI ever, combined with a ton of fussy subsystems that don’t do much except add busywork.