Civilization VI


$40??? This should be a free update to fix this stupid, boring game. How they made a game worse than the last 2 iterations is beyond me. There is nothing in this DLC that even indicates to me they have any idea what is wrong with this game or how to fix it, because the boneheaded AI should be the #1 thing on the list.


My sister sent me the link to this morning. If I don’t luck out this holiday season and one of our freaking games doesn’t release and she doesn’t get a PS4… I might have to play this again, because I love her and stuff and even playing a not great game with your sister is better than playing no or very few games with your sister.


I assume they don’t think there is anything wrong to fix. Sales are good and people seem to like the last expansion. Why fix anything?


Civ5 is still beating out Civ6 on Steam play chart. That tells me that there are a very large number of Civ players that aren’t being served by the latest version of the game. That’s a lot of money being left on the table.

I’m not a strategic genius by any means, but Civ6’s horrific AI actively interferes with my ability to enjoy the game. Add on all of the numerous subsystems that seem to add nothing but busy work and further confuses the stupid AI.

All of this makes me super sad because I’ve been playing and loving Civ since 1993 and Civ6 is the FIRST new iteration that I’ve enjoyed less than the last version. Also, the first version that seems to be doing worse, player-wise, than the last version. That should concern all Civ fans.


You are a good sister Nesrie.


Some days. heh.

We played the first one together, two chairs huddled around one used computer. Civ is in serious trouble if she ever turns from it.


I love my brothers but I would life in their dingus faces if they suggested this disaster as a co-op game to play together.


Civ VI is the only Civ I’ve never played.

Civ V is not great, but aside from the stupid culture busywork putting things in slots it’s not actively trying to upset me. So much in Civ VI seems like it would be.


OMG dude you need to fix that shiz.


Never played! I’ve played every other one! Just not VI!


Oh god, sorry, I’m out of it today. Apologies.


Haha. i even bought one of the other expansions, forget which one. I am not sure we’ve played together since though. I am getting some Don’t Starve Together action for now instead.

It could be worse. My younger sister plays Fortnite. I told her I didn’t even like betaing that game, although back then it was coop not battle royale…which is not an improvement.


Something about this feels so familiar…


Well hey now, it may be boring, and it may be stupid, but at least it, uhh, I forgot where I was going tbh.


I probably won’t be able to help myself because it is Civ.


I’ve loved the Civs, even with the nags others point out with the AI and other gameplay elements, but I’ve yet to pick up the first expansion let alone have plans for the second for Civ VI. Honestly, it’s the cost that sets me back. When compared to what the base game brings, the add-ons are only a fraction of the content; I can get full games at those prices.

Perhaps I’ll revisit when there are packaged sets that include everything, then pick it all up at once rather than piecemeal. I’ve so much to play that even something I love as much as Civ can’t draw me in.


That or a super steep discount say maybe a holiday sale right before releasing an expensive expansion.


$40 seems like a ridiculous price for what the expansion is offering. Especially considering the game just feels “messy” already. I am excited about what it is offering, but Civ VI has just been… not great.


What bothers me the most is the new resource “Diplomatic Favour” as well as the emphasis on diplomacy. It is an annoyance of recent Civ games where I get taken to a diplomacy screen for some empty words that have little bearing on the game. It was most aggravating in Beyond Earth which had its own Diplomatic currency and nigh impossible to go through a turn without being nagged by an AI over crap.

I know this discussion was had elsewhere recently (AoW thread) about diplomacy in games. And seriously, EUIV has the right idea of it. I’m not constantly being taken away from the gameworld by visiting some new screen all the time. I can pretty much do things on the fly and diplomatic notifications appear as a flag at the top of screen to action over time, Urgent events like war declaration are in my face with little pomp and ceremony and typically expected. All unlike what the Civ formula current models.


They keep lifting diplomatic systems from EU4 (yay!) with no idea how to fit it into their design or willingness to teach the AI how to work with it. Diplomatic enhancements without the AI work to back it up is completely pointless.