Civilization VI


Limiting stack sizes was a decent enough idea, but 1UPT was not the correct solution for a game of this scale. The pathfinding alone can be a nightmare, especially for the AI. That’s not to say it can’t be done, Gladius pulls it off quite well, but I always thought it was a poor fit here.

How about three units per tile for military units, or scaling the number of units based on certain techs? At first you just have a mob with clubs, but later you have a legion protecting archers. Later, infantry, cavalry, and cannon.

I thought 1UPT showed clear and obvious problems, even if some people ultimately preferred it to “stacks of doom”. I was very disappointed Firaxis just rolled out the same system without taking the opportunity to correct course or at the least tweak the other systems so 1UPT worked better.


Or just go with the system used by the game that solved this problem 20 years ago: Imperialism.

Individual spaces for the fun worker tile improvement stuff, giant Risk-like territory spaces for army movement. Turn combat into a small tactical battle when 2 armies clash.

You’re done.


I haven’t measured it (and haven’t really tried to break it yet), but the gladius map also feels a lot less full than pretty much any CIV5 or CIV6 game I’ve played, with more interesting terrain as well (height, LOS, wireweed/forest/ruins).


Yep, they knew they wanted to do a tactical 1UPT system and designed around it. Civ feels like they just shoe-horned it into the Civ formula and left it as is.


What is gladius in this context? I’m not familiar with it.


This one: Slitherine Announces Gladius - Relics of War


I just learned of this one yesterday myself thanks to our very own Mysterio.

While I haven’t gotten that far into it yet, it can easily be described as a WH40K themed Civ-lite with most of its focus on battling the other players and the planet’s own fauna. There are resources to manage, things to research, and buildings to build, but everything dovetails right back to making bigger and badder units.

Probably the coolest bit so far is although there are only 4 races so far (with a 5th being added next month), they all have completely unique units, tech trees, and style of play.


I’d peg it as more of a heavier Advance Wars.

I really wish the math and numbers behind all the calculations were more clear. It was often impossible to tell how effective a unit’s stats would be until you moused over a target.


For all you turtles out there, I present Inca:


I got this on sale over Thanksgiving. It’s a little… on rails? Which feels weird for a civilization game. I mean… it’s as if there are all these moving parts I never have to look at because so much is presented to me in neat little packaged options A, B, or C. I mainly just do what my favorite advisor tells me to. Never had to start any wars and well into the late 19th century I am just… getting along with everyone. Civ III, the last one I played, felt far more sandboxy.

Great production value, though, and enjoyable so far… in a screensaver-ish way.




Sweden looks fun. Interesting that the Nobel Prize is in the game only if Sweden is in the game.


I take it as an ‘inside joke’ regarding paradox…


I think it has more to do with Nobel himself being Swedish.


Are there any mods to make the game look less messy?

For those playing, do you have any other must-have mods?


I thought there was a tactical 2-d map mode that was much cleaner looking.


Yes, there’s a 2D “strategic” map view (it’s one of the buttons near the minimap). It’s clean and very pretty, and you can play entirely from that view if you like. I’ve done this, and it works great, sometimes better than the 3D view because you’re less likely to misclick on things.


What about a mod that changes the minimum city distance? or does that cripple the AI or the game too much?


Honestly, I’d say that jamming cities together cripples the game. Running cities at 4-5 tiles apart feels like the right distance when it comes to having space for placing districts, wonders and tile improvements.

There’s 4 mods I use with the game:

Australia - Better Colours. This swaps out the stupid green and black colour scheme for Australia with a much more appropriate green and gold.

Quick start. Doesn’t really make the game load faster so much as it removes the logos at the start so I’m able to hit start and walk away.

Community Quick User Interface. Much superior UI. It basically displays more information in a convenient manner. Think of it as being similar to BUG mod for Civ IV. The UI does have a few quirks on occasion with the city screen when it comes to reallocating workers I’ve found. However for the most part, it works well.

Unique District Icons: What it says in the box.