Civilization VI


Climate change just “stops”? How lame. If I want to make a mess of my planet, I should be able to see it it drown. I hope there’s a way to over-ride this limitation or I won’t be getting this.


Why would you be getting it regardless, didn’t you hate V and VI? The AI still sucks according to the above posted video.

I never got into VI, think I am burnt out on Civ in general. I will buy this when its on sale for less than $20.


Hell, I’ve been playing the sci fi Civ (for V) “Beyond Earth” and I really have been hooked on it. Might as well free week it and see. Just the combat. Though I note that in Beyond Earth (with the sea dlc) combat is interesting. I may load it up and start the Aztecs and just look around the gearhouse a bit.


There is always hope it gets a lot better. I try to never totally write something off.


I THINK they’re talking about sea level rise, but I’m not sure. There’s only so much ice, after all.


So it is free all week… I recall a few other things I got for free… but ok Civ VI. Loading it up.


It’s been close to 3 years. If it was ever going to get any better…


Weird to have a Civ expansion come out and not get it. I’m not sure what my price point will be.


Heads up gang!

Gathering Storm is now out on Steam but realize, even once installed, until you enable the exp and 2 new scenarios in Additional Content, you’ll just see the Rise and Fall title screen and have no access to the new stuff.


I’m enjoying it so far. I’m playing as the Maori, which start the game afloat at sea. I wandered for eons looking for land, and when I finally founded a city, I slowly realized that I’d just settled uncomfortably close to Sweden and Mali. Also, in my first couple turns, I had floods and tornadoes – I’ve got disasters turned up to the maximum, lol.

Fun, but I’m already quite a bit behind, this playing on Prince – the shame of it! I usually play on King or Emperor, but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d chill.


I’m really glad you’re a voice of positivity in this thread. I have the new DLC ready to go, I just need to sit down and play a game. Not sure if tonight is the night for a game but I’m looking forward to trying out the new features.


Patch notes:

Of particular importance, deserving its own section in the notes:


  • Alternate skin for Scout unit that replaces the Scout’s dog with three cats. Available to players who have linked their 2K Account.

I’m so glad Firaxis developer time has been spent on such a sorely needed improvement.


Cat AI is simpler than dog AI and running three cat AI’s in parallel gives better returns than a single synchronous dog AI. This could be groundbreaking and save the entire series. Not!


Seriously though that’s, what, 3-4 days of developer time? Split between modeller, animator and UI coder at least. I’m sure 2K reckon that’s well worth it from a business perspective if it gets people to link their account.


Odd, that was not my experience when I fired it up for a preview this morning. I wonder whether it was a glitch that they fixed promptly. I found that the game loaded with some new screens, and under Additional Content, that Rise and Fall was enabled, while most of my other mods were disabled. Which makes sense given that they would almost certainly cause a crash or serious problems.

Taking a quick look around, the new leaders appear interesting, especially for builder type players. Of particular note, a couple civs have a unique unit that can protect trade routes, and one has a unique governor. My guess is that this means that modders will be able to run with these two ideas, now.

Governors as they exist in-game are a bit of a bore, but in the hands of creative modders could be very interesting.


Played for 30 minutes with the new expansion …game looks better, runs smoother dx12…they did somethin…optimization/graphics, whatever, but it feels better

I didn’t want to stop playing…lets face it, thats what Civ has been all about for 28 years

Firaxis may have just pulled a ‘stick save’ on this one


This is because Cat AI is basically just random behavior, and they’ve had that coded into the game for decades.

My exact thoughts. I can’t believe I’m a person all the sudden that pre-orders a FPS (Metro) and didn’t even consider a Civ expansion. Like, it wasn’t even really on my radar.


I wouldn’t be surprised if I cave. Civ has always had a special place in my gaming history, starting with the first. I still remember how I felt looking at the Civ 1 box for the first time. I couldn’t believe a game would offer the things it mentioned. As much as I built it up in my head from looking at the box, it didn’t disappoint. GreenManGaming brings the price down to a more reasonable $32 - I was thinking I’d play somewhere in the $20-$30 range.

If people here start saying how wonderful it is, I’d probably have a hard time resisting. The press likes it, but i think the press has been more favorable about Civ VI then most of us here.


If I read that the Civ leader AI seems to behave in a more reasonable/rational way and you can end up in a late game with friends you’ve made over the course of the game, and bitter enemies, I’m all in. But what keeps driving me away are the random AI leaders with a net positive attitude towards me denouncing me for no reason, or declaring war when they are on another continent and never even send units over, stuff like that just killed it for me, with the last expansion. I don’t mind the combat AI not being great, I’m not great at the combat either so it works out pretty well.


As do I…as a matter of fact, I had it in my hand and the guy next to me said, thats an awesome game…REMEMBER, this was 1991 BEFORE the interweb when people actually talked to each other in person to see facial expressions, body language, tonal quality