Civilization VI


Combat AI is probably the same, I was never put out by the combat AI though personally. It does dumb things, I do dumb things, it works out fine. Diplomacy AI seems to be a little more considered with the Diplomacy Favor system, I’ve seen the AI vote down a … law, or whatever they are called, that I voted for because it benefited only me and not him. He’s also growing more unfriendly with me as I convert his cities to my religion, and as his army grows bigger than mine, which is making total sense (I’d be upset as well). I’m way too early in the game and only have one AI neighbor though, so results are honestly overall inconclusive. I’m really enjoying my time in the game though again, I put about 2.5 hours in and I am eager to get back to it, fwiw.


@Spock You’re exactly right, mountain and desert naming was off. The others were on by default, nice catch!


Standard maps seem a lot more interesting. I got a standard continent that was 1-2 tiles wide and ran north-south for most of the map length. Couldn’t reach other civs by land.


AI cannot be made smarter like a human being…It can only be made less dumb…and the new diplo system changes have made the AI less prone to do stupid stuff


This expansion sounds a lot more interesting to me than Rise and Fall. Does it require Rise and Fall to be installed?


I’m pretty sure GS does not require R&F to be installed – just the base game. You’d still get the R&F mechanics (eras, golden ages, timeline, etc) but not the R&F civs, R&F Wonders, or R&F scenarios. I think this could be a reasonable way to go. So far I do think GS adds more than R&F.


71,000 people are playing CIV6 right now…the people have spoken

who knew?


I was not looking for an human level AI. Just something that isn’t totally brain dead. Ill give you a few examples of AI problems that got me to stop playing civ. Perhaps you can tell me if these are still issues:

  1. An AI that is across the map from me, its borders are no where near me, declares war on me. Then like 100 turns later its units show up.

  2. An AI attacks me with spearmen, while I have tanks and marines.

  3. An AI is at war with 2 others and then declares war another war on me or a third AI, maybe even a 4th or 5th.

  4. AIs don’t seem to be able to capture cities very well. Two AIs are in a war, and I just watch for like 100 turns and maybe if the stars align, one will take a city of another.

  5. When you capture cities, your like, WTF is these insanely bad city planning decisions.

  6. A larger lake is surrounded by a single AI. This lake is totally packed with warships.

  7. The diplomatic AI makes no sense. It just makes dumb decision after dumb decision. Its like its just rolling the dice on what choices it makes. One turn your the best buddy of an AI, the next turn they denounce you.

  8. The AI will build cities everywhere it can. Is there some desolate island in the middle of the arctic, with no resources? The AI will build a city there.

A final illustration of the terrible AI:
If you get to a point where you own 5 cities that are well defended and 3 of them are decently developed, then you have won the game. It does not matter if there are 12 other AIs out there who own 200 cities total, you still have won.


DeepT, I have many of your same experiences/frustrations with the AI in Civ6. I’m probably going to play quite a bit this weekend, so I’ll report back from a perspective that sounds very similar to yours.


I think there have been some areas of modest improvement in the AI, but if AI is a deal-killer for you, then you should pass on Gathering Storm for now. I’d give the devs (and modders) get a chance to adjust the AI to all the new systems. I would assume that most of the issues you mention will arise sooner or later.

That said, I personally haven’t seen any of the issues you mentioned in my 200-turn game so far. Obviously my game is a tiny sample size of just one. No civ across the map has declared war on me. The one AI that did attack me had the same tech and more military than I did, and it had good reason to do so.

I still had no trouble fending off its attack, as I was able to rush-buy many units to gain superiority, but its tactics didn’t seem outrageously stupid to me. It just needed more firepower, and it didn’t forsee that I’d use my big stockpile of gold to catch up fast. The AI should account for the opponent’s deep pockets before deciding to wage war, and it doesn’t seem to do so.

The main AI issue I worry about is the new resource system. It took months before the devs managed to get the R&F AI to start upgrading units properly, and now they’ve just changed the strategic resource system pretty radically. I love the change itself – I think it’s great that one deposit of iron no longer means infinite swordsmen. You spend iron or horses or whatever per unit. But I gotta believe this will be hard for the AI. In my current game, my local adversaries have made the first couple upgrades; too early to tell whether that behavior will continue.

As for the AI capturing other AI cities: the AI went hog-wild conquering city-states in my R&F games. But I do worry that the AI will have more trouble in GS because city walls are now double strength or something. I haven’t seen much conquest of city-states in my games, and really no big civ wars at all. This may partly reflect the new diplomacy system, which seems to inhibit warmongering. I have seen a couple loyalty-flips, though.

I also didn’t see atrocious city-planning in R&F, and the trend has continued for me in GS. I captured a couple AI cities and the builds made sense to me. I’m sure there will be examples of stupid builds in a game this complex, though, especially as again there are new systems for the AI to contend with, like new districts. (Incidentally, I was unable to hold one of the cities I captured because of loyalty issues; the second remains in doubt.)

The lakes I’ve seen haven’t had any AI ships. I do worry that the new canal district may exacerbate this issue, though – will AIs build harbors on lakes assuming that later they’ll add canals?

The diplomatic AI seems less bad to me. (Notice I didn’t say “better,” lol.) The new diplomatic favor means that civs have incentive to stockpile favor and to seek it, which tends to mean they have incentive to make appealing trades, seek alliances, and maybe avoid unnecessary wars that indirectly cost them favor (by piling up grievances and creating the possibility of favor-costly Emergencies). In my current game, I’ve had good relations with all but the one AI that attacked me – and it had good reason, as I plopped my Maori down right next to it. That said, I do find it annoying that the AI constantly pesters me to sell it diplomatic favor or resources or whatnot. It would be nice to have a “do not disturb for 10 turns” button, lol.

I haven’t seen AI cities in the Arctic or other awful spots yet, but there’s still time in my game for this to happen. I did see this in R&F, which was disappointing because I would have thought the loyalty algorithms would’ve discouraged the AI from doing this. I’ll watch for it.

TLDR: no radical overhaul of AI here; my impression is that diplomatic AI is somewhat less annoying; but I worry about the impact of the new strategic-resource system.


Got a chance to take it for a test run this afternoon. The Inca are extremely powerful!


Wow, I just noticed this image on Reddit of chained canal districts, allowing one to split a whole continent in two. Cool!


My scout got promoted. I can’t figure out how to promote him. I click on the “promote” icon on the far right side, and that highlights the scout. Isn’t he supposed to have a promote order above the unit card in the lower-left that I can click on to promote him. Am I misremembering (I haven’t played in a long time) or is this a bug?



It might be because he has already moved so will be able to promote next turn.

Edit: I assume his promotion was for discovering a new continent and/or natural wonder during his movement.


Thanks @Strato. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I didn’t notice any ability to promote him until about 10 turns later when a second unit got promoted, at that point I saw a promote icon over the first unit. But it could be I just kept checking him after moving him. Apparently you can’t promote a unit after it’s moved (which makes sense, since promoting seems to take up all available movement points).


That is correct. I think part of the reasoning is that promotions also give health (50 health if I recall). I seem to remember in Civ V for instance that people would attack, then promote after. This prevents gaming the system in that way.

Like you see in the picture, there should have been a prompt to say that a unit was ready to be promoted. Across the top of the unit card will also be an action to promote, but yeah, it is very easy to miss. I do like the fact that the game doesn’t nag me to promote because of the health restoration effect. Sometimes it is nice to save up the promotion, then burn it to burst heal when needed.


The downside, though, is that the unit will not gain XP until a promotion is chosen.


Enjoying the expansion, but had to repair my install to get around a bug. Doing saw caused my edits of the font size to go away. At 1920x1080, I find the font too small. Searched around to see if there were any new recommendations instead of editing the individual font sizes and found this recommendation. Works great for me with a setting of 20%


My experience thus far:

  1. No wars have been declared on me yet where the AI isn’t nearby.
  2. Too early to tell, the Mongols declared war on me twice but they had equivalent tech.
  3. Haven’t seen this one way or the other. Thus far, it feels like wars are less common overall.
  4. The AI probably still sucks in this area. That’s largely a problem with the game’s design and likely won’t ever be solved.
  5. I’ve been playing peaceful, so haven’t been conquering cities.
  6. I haven’t seen this yet, but that’s largely do to map generation thus far (haven’t seen many situations where the AI could be doing this).
  7. Diplo AI seems significantly better. Thus far in two games up to the Modern era, I’ve been able to maintain friendly relations. The nations that I have poor relations have so far tended to dislike me for understandable reasons. Either we have a religious conflict, we’re competing over wonders, or it’s an asshole like the Mongols.
  8. I haven’t seen crazy city spam like it used to before. I play on Large maps though, so there’s enough room for non-crappy cities. Not sure how things are once land gets more tight.


Issues I can report thus far and how I anticipate them being handled;

  • Grievances don’t always seem to work like they’re supposed to. I expect this will be fixed in a patch. (example - a promise to not convert a city was broken, but no grievance appeared)
  • Grievances also seem to end really quickly. My guess is this is a way to fine-tune the amount of warfare, but it also seems to imply asking forgiveness is more useful than asking permission. eg - a nation attacks a city state, but the grievance is gone in only 3 turns. I expect a mod to handle this.
  • Too few map types. I expect this is to make a market for more DLCs.
  • Admirals seem kinda iffy, but maybe I’m just not as familiar with their nuances. May get a buff in a patch, DLC, or mod.
  • While the diplomatic AI is certainly much better, logic doesn’t always apply when it comes to the World Congress. In a domination-only, it seems like the AI isn’t as cutthroat as I would have imagined as they’ll vote down punishments against leading civs. Just seems to be a game design choice.
  • Speaking of the World Congress, in one game it was formed and two mystery members stayed … mysteries until I met them on the map. Look, I know Wakanda likes their privacy, but enough, already. Likely to be fixed in a patch.
  • The “What will you offer me for ___?” doesn’t always work very well. It seems to generate a lot of 1 gold offers when you can actually get much more from that nation. I expect this to be fixed in a patch.