Civilization VI


Even then I believe the icons don’t appear if the resource is under a district.


Certainly annoying. There must be some event happening which is glitching if old saves won’t let you get past. I’m curious what it is; I’ve had a couple games without any crashes, but that doesn’t mean I’ve seen everything and it could be some specific combination of an event with a certain civ.


Yeah I was hoping there was a mod somewhere for global hunt. Industrial era should spark global conflicts for bat guano, coal and oil!


I wish they would at least announce R&F for Switch - I don’t want to buy these expansions twice since they’re expensive enough already.


I’m having a very good experience with this playing at Emperor difficulty.


I just finished my first game since the expansion and echo what others said here. It makes the game better but still feels like Civ VI. I didn’t have any crazy diplomatic behavior by the AI. I was able to stay on good terms with 3 civs for the bulk of the game, eventually maintaining alliances. I ended up with a space victory, but would have gotten a diplomatic victory in a turn or two assuming I had enough influence to buy my last 2 diplomatic victory points. I played on King difficulty.

I’m not sure what happened to Korea. They were ahead of my in science and were the first to complete the first space objective, but then I took over. Maybe they didn’t have cities with good production to build. I did start a joint war with them with another civ that was a neighbor of theirs just hoping it would distract them. I didn’t actually attack.

I didn’t find voting on the proposals that interesting. I think everyone pretty much either voted for themselves or against their enemy. I didn’t see any way to try and get other civs to join votes for a cause. That could have made it more interesting.

I also don’t fully understand the CO2 emissions. I switched from coal and oil to solar, wind and nuclear - but it didn’t look like my emissions went down. Maybe the number reported is just total emissions and not the current rate.

The end game was just still a lot of end turn while I waited for my spaceship to arrive. In Civs 1-4 I would have pressed on to take over more land, but in 5 and 6 I just find any extra war an inconvenience. I considered going after Korea, because they were ahead of me in the science victory, but the thought of having to try and corral my troops to the other side of the world wasn’t appealing. She may have been a tough nut to crack too. I guess I like that taking cities isn’t as easy as it was in prior civs due to defenses and needing to position troops. With the right defenses a city can be troublesome to take.

The expansion is a good addition and it’s nice to have some new toys to play with.


You can definitely promote after moving! I constantly move first before promoting so I do not waste moves.


I think that’s only if you have movement points left over, i.e. you moved across the plains but don’t have enough movement to enter the hill. If you exhaust all your movement points, promotion is disabled until the next turn.


Promotion and moving.

You can use your promotion if you have at least 1 movement point remaining.

Promotion will remove ALL movement points you have remaining.


@KevinC I’m actually going to go a bit beyond your and others opinions here and say that while the expansion doesn’t change anything fundamental to the game, in my opinion it does actually push it past a bit of a tipping point into being… well, fun. Quite a few of the systems are much better (Diplomacy is a big one), and the ebb and flow of a game just feels a bit more fluid.

This is just around 12 or so hours in for me, so it could still go either way I suppose.


Good to know. I’m going to give it a try tomorrow with a new game. I like the idea of the AI getting more bonuses as the game goes on. Also, I have been using the Diplomacy Ribbon mod I linked, and I really like it. It alerts me when a civ has excess resources, and mousing over leader portraits instantly shows me their score, resources per turn, etc.

I’ve been trying the new civs and I especially like the Incas and Maori, but I might even try Hungary to get me out of my comfort zone. To try Jam’s difficulty mod, though, I think I’m going to use the Incas.


[quote=“Spock, post:3664, topic:78555”]
I’ve been trying the new civs and I especially like the Incas and Maori
[/quote] The Incas + a decent mountain range = Instant Winner

They are just beasts. I plan to use them as opponents when I want a tough game. Huns, Persia, and Incas would make a trio of pretty effective AI opponents, assuming they draw good starting locations.

I have been using it, too, but I have not gotten in the habit of referring to it, as opposed to just reflexively clicking on the leader icon.


So far I’ve been doing a good job of resisting the expansion, at least until it goes on a sale. I got the last but haven’t really played Civ VI enough to justify it. I get them hoping, one will make the game finished up and more fun, eventually.

So keep us posted!

In the meantime I’m going to address my backlog, which has items like Subnautica (sale purchase) on it. :)


I love Subnautica more than almost any other game in recent memory, so please play that. But I also went for the Greenmangaming sale as discounts for Civ games tend to take awhile.


After playing for almost a week, I have to say I wanted to like GS more than I am. The new civs are fun – the expansion might be worth picking up for them alone. I had loads of fun with Dido yesterday, forward-settling poor Gandhi until he was sealed into a tiny desert on the tip of our shared continent. And the Incas, as previously mentioned are pretty formidable, the ultimate turtling civ.

But everything else in GS – the World Congress and diplomatic favor system, environmental disasters, power and consumable resources – just aren’t grabbing me yet. The World Congress resolutions feel inconsequential throughout most of the game. The disasters are just irksome annoyances. The consumable resources system seemed promising in theory, but in practice, it just becomes more numbers to ignore most of the time. I do like that there are a few new paths to (peaceful) victory, but I wonder if they might have been implemented without all the layers of feature-creep goop.

I’m still undecided about the grievance system. I do think it’s an improvement over the inscrutable old system. But it still feels counter-intuitive in a few important ways. Maybe I just need more time with it.

Again, I was really looking forward to this one, which might be part of the problem. I hope it grows on me over time, but I’m doubtful right now.


Gathering Storm had piqued my curiosity. I was sorely tempted to jump back in and see how Civilization VI has come along.

This thread cured me of that temptation.



I can say without any shadow of doubt you should stay away from this one, Tom.


Gathering Storm has gotten me back into Civilization VI. I’m in the “more fun” camp. I am enjoying the flavor that random natural disasters brings. Also the chance to assist fellow civilizations in their times of need… and to vote NOT to aid them if they are my enemies.

The new civs seem fun as well. I’m a sucker for a desert-based civ and Mali is my new favorite. Good synergy with religion and gold and trade. (Religion for me in Civ VI more than anything is currency to buy units and buildings esp. in league with the applicable ‘era bonus’ and the evangelized discount.)

Does anyone have a good rule of thumb for the diplomatic ‘currency’? I’m never sure how much I should keep on hand for a rainy day; how much to use in deal-making or the new diplomatic menu.


I think you made the right call, honestly. Gathering Storm is more a garnish to an existing dish than fundamental course corrections for a game you didn’t care much for.

For me, they have smoothed off some things that bothered me greatly (random and nonsensical diplo AI behavior, for example) but many of the core problems I have still remain. The AI is still hopelessly inept in many ways, in particular the warfare side of things. I’m still able to build a handful of footmen and a pair of siege weapons and take over the world. It’s still a lot of busywork without many interesting decisions during the game.

I will say that Firaxis has improved the game, they’ve smoothed over some major irritants, but I think the fundamentals of the game are just as flawed as they ever were. I’m looking forward to what the Vox Populi type of crowd can do with it once Firaxis finally hands over the modding keys.


This is me as well, I’m having more fun with this than I have had in a long time. I think I’m actually enjoying 6 more than 5 now, but I still don’t really grok religion as well as I’d like and don’t like missionary spam. I should just turn it off in the settings - that didn’t used to work, but I read it does now. And, to be fair, in my game I am the one spamming missionaries, while the AI is working to undo my damage. I’m not really going for a religious victory, but I get dolla dolla billz y’all for each follower. :)