CK, Deus Vult Edition: What do I need?

Ok, I think I’ve got most of the game mechanics fairly well figured out now, so here’s my question: I’m getting ready to grab the Deus Vult expansion, but reading Kalle’s wonderful AAR thread here, I gathered that it was important to snag a few user-made fixes/mods/what-have-yous.

So beyond the Deus Vult installation itself, what should I add to my formerly vanilla 1.05 Crusader Kings game?

Thanks in advance for the help!

What are you talking about?

He’s asking about mods. There hasn’t been really any good mods for Crusader Kings, nor is there really any need for them. You’re pretty much good to go already. The few mods that are out mainly are nitpicky delights (such as Someone tried to do a George R. R. Martin mod but it didn’t really go anywhere.

It’s nitpickingly good. But Lum is right. DV is pretty much all you need for CK. Mods add a tiny bit of flavour.

I just looked it up, and apparently Crusader Kings was a (real time) strategy game that came out back in 2004 to very mixed reviews. This is this first time I’ve heard of it too.