Clamware/Clamwin Anti-Virus?

Anybody use this thing? It’s an open-source/freeware virus scanner. The advantage it has over other free scanners like AVG, Avast, etc, is that all the others are only free for personal (not commercial use), and I want to be license compliant.

I wouldn’t be using this for my main machine, but for the 4-6 other PCs that are usually floating about for testing and such - $40/yr/machine adds up, and it’s a pain to always be paying/resubscribing for Norton for all the secondary machines…

I’ve used ClamAV for my *nix server for about 2 years – it’s fantastic (and the price is right).

Never used the Windows version – in fact, never even knew there was one.

Actually - upon further reading, it appears to be something that you have to RUN. i.e. it won’t provide active scanning of files as you open them like most other AV software will. So it’s not really what I want - oh well.

I personally use Grisoft AVG.