Clancysequalitis! Ghost Recon 2 and Splinter Cell 2!

Not that this was any big surprise, but Ubi’s quarter financials made it quasi official: Yes Virginia, there will be a Ghost Recon 2 and a Splinter Cell 2.

Not that I’m complaining, especially for the former. I’m a Ghost Recon hound, and my ears are now slicked back at the thought of romping around in a new Ghost Recon game.

Obviously there is room for lots of improvements. A new graphics engine (The original GR looked great for its time and still does to some extent, but does anyone know if the North Carolina-arm of Red Storm has got a next-generation version of the GR engine, or are they going to the licensed-engine route?), larger levels, more interactions and vehicles (swooping down from a Black Hawk was one of the great things about Island Thunder, even if it were scripted and noninteractive), more weapons, civilians, etc. Basically, rip off some of the great ideas that the Army is working on for America’s Army, and mate it to what GR did great.

If they can carry over Raven Shield’s awesome night vision goggle modeling, that alone is the price of admission. No more tinting the screen green, let’s model proper light amplification people!

As for Splinter Cell 2, let’s see. Longer game, more interaction and divergent paths, vehicles and multiplayer maybe? They left a lot unaswered in Splinter Cell 1 it seems, in terms of plot.

I hope they fix the environments in Ghost Recon.

The terrain clipping was so arbitrary - too many invisible walls.

If they re-use the Raven Shield engine then Ghost Recon 2 should be an excellent game.

That’s the Unreal engine.

Dave Weinstein, who hangs around here, is one of the senior programmers at Red Storm. He should be able to provide more info about what they’re up to.

I agree. We had a good time with the game, but being unable to run up a 15 percent slope because the designer wanted you to follow a switchback was truly stupid.

Loyd Case