Clark can't be President!

Ok, those of us who watched Babylon 5 have terrible memories of Clark as President. I think that if Wesley Clark gets in office, he will give the Psi-Corps more power than can be safely contained. I also think he will start a campaign against aliens, illegal or otherwise, in an attempt to form some sort of isolationist policies. This could enable an ancient evil to return to power without any notable resistance. We thus must do everything we can to keep Clark out of office. Of course, he is likely to kill whoever DOES win, so I guess my rant is moot.

What was your score on the nerd test?

As long as he doesn’t get to be vice-president or similar high place where he just has to kill <5 people to wield executive power.

Maybe Clark will try to keep some jobs on Babylon 5 instead of outsourcing everything…

See, this is why people get beaten up in school.

Clark would also have to face New Jersey’s John Sheridan, an attorney and Republican fundraiser, who would no doubt come out of nowhere into the national spotlight to counter Clark’s forces.

Yes, I wasted valuable google-time searching for that name in the political world.

so what’s YOUR score on the nerd test?

The nerd avalanche has already started.

Who is that, Matthew?

Interestingly, Clark reminds me of Clark in some ways…it’s kind of scary. He’s always smiling, but it never seems real. And his eyes are wild and unusually open. I think he is on dust.

Look at the filename of the picture.

Look at the filename of the picture.[/quote]

Wow…he looked so angelic last time I saw him…