Clash of PC Gamers - a BF1942 story

Fuck, you know, I can accept that people like Serious Sam and Quake, but I certainly hope their assy opinions dont affect the games I DO enjoy.

Case in point I was playing Stalingrad in BF1942. I pegged a guy at mid range running backwards:

<Super Gorilla> Hey Mrangryface How do you hit moving targets.

<MrAngryFace> Lot’s of practice.

<forgetname> you lead them.

<Super Gorilla> Leading is gay. I hope they remove the need for that with the next patch so snipers are fun. Then the game will be fun.

<MrAngryFace> Leading is cool.

<Super Gorilla> Lead is Gay.

<MrAngryFace> Sorry, I like skill based gameplay.

<Super Gorilla> stfu dumbass

I am paraphrasing a LITTLE, but the conversation was very close to that. So what the hell. Idiots like these are what turn every game into boring doom/sniper fests. Listen people, LEADING isn’t hard. It takes PRACTICE.

Holy fuck I would hate the game if they made the sniping any less challenging.

You really do sound like a dumbass.

He’s paraphrasing.

He’s also correct. In numerous game sessions of BF1942 I have witnessed similar comments. People can like or dislike the game, no problem, but it does get a bit trying to hear people who manifestly dislike the style of game Battlefield 1942 represents criticizing it for, well, being what it is instead of what it isn’t, that is, Quake/UT.

It’s even more fun to hear people complain about spawn camping, landmines, etc. These things are part of the military/war theme of the game, and if you don’t like them, play something else. There’s not false advertising here–the game is clearly a WWIIOnline lite, and you should know that going in.

the game is clearly a WWIIOnline lite


WWIIOnline lite would mean they didn’t actually include the CD in the box, I think that is the only thing that could be lighter than WWIIO.


The hitbox checking is broken in BF1942.

So what your saying is like pretty much all online game BF1942 has its share of pricks too.

Every game has it’s share of pricks. Every family has daddy paying for little Johnnies internet access, his games habit, and his top-of-the-line computer so that little Johnnie can get online and ruin everyone elses day.

The worst thing about immature pricks infesting games servers is that there is an endless supply of them, they have no conscience, and pissing off other people is 90% of their fun.

Ok, perhaps what I should have said was that Battlefield 1942 is clearly “what World War II Online Lite would have been had WWIIOnline actually worked.”


LMAO!!! Chet, that was just classic. Man, that was funnee

Anyway, MAF :lol: is right, I’ve had similar exchanges on BF1942 servers. Usually, I just cap the bastard, wait for him to respawn, then feed him a rocket - just to be sure. :D

Im just mostly worried that DICE might balance for the players and not the game, like Blizzard did with Diablo II coughNecromancercough.

While it makes the camp of loud obnoxious 12 year olds happy, other fans of the game who aren’t quite so vocal are screwed over with changes that are completely offensive.

like Blizzard did with Diablo II coughNecromancercough.

I don’t get why you keep bringing this up. Necros were horribly unbalanced before corpse explosion was nerfed. This spell dealt damage that was proportional to the hit points of the monsters faced, which was clearly broken in multiplayer games, where monster hitpoints scaled by the number of players involved. So a solo necro could deal with monsters in an X player game nearly as effectively as those in a 1 player game, but reap X times more experience because he’s off by himself. In the early days of d2, the top of the ladder was dominated exclusively by necros, since they could gather experience many times faster than any other class.

I’m not going to defend the general class balance of d2 (i didn’t play it long enough to care), but this issue seemed pretty clear cut. and yes, i agree people who spent a ton of time making corpse explosion necros were sort of screwed.

I experienced a sort of paradox with this game when I first started.
Having trouble myself getting acclimated with the leadtime aiming for combat, I myself did offer similar criticism on a game server after the millionth death or so by the hands of more skilled and experienced players than my newbie ass.

However, instead of the expected assault of ego-tEstical fan freaks whom just want to be left to their friendly competitive jests without being hassled by an inexperienced shlub(a category Mr. Angry makes no qualms about being fit under it seems based on this entire mockery of a topic).

I was at first appalled, but then completely flattered when a couple of friendly blokes offered assistance in helping me get accustomed to the rigorous chore of aiming a gun at a moving target. I mean these guys went the distance and gave up their most precious gaming time for a few minutes to lend themselves as active targets to help my tortured soul get the hang of all the :ahem: finer points of combat, so I don’t just feel I spend more time watching that respawn counter longer than I get to actually blow shit up. Who knows, maybe ten minutes later they went and regaled a public forum with stories of how a complete dumbass needed lessons on how to shoot a gun in a computer game about shooting stuff.

Or maybe angels do walk among us? I have been touched and it felt nice…for awhile, until I realized I just suck at the game nonetheless and would rather play NOLF 2.

I hate to side with the quake idiot, but leading is just something lazy developers have you do. Where the hell is the gameplay fun in lag-guessing?

‘Necros were horribly unbalanced before corpse explosion was nerfed’

Yes, and now they’re completely worthless. I’m not sure it’s an improvement.