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Yeah, the Classic Challenge is basically unplayable right now due to the Night Witch. Either you have one, or you have a very specific NW counter deck. (And even the counter deck would probably prefer to run NW…). The ladder might be a grind, but at least I only run into NW about 10% of the time there rather than every bloody game.

I’m still missing Night Witch, Inferno Dragon and Miner. Just got the Bandit today from the shop; that was a tough choice since it meant dropping below 40k gold. So if the Night Witch appears in the shop in the next week or so, I’ll be very cross :) But the Bandit seems like a really good card to have access to in the current meta.

Wow… you guys have played this way more than me, but I’m enjoying it still after like almost a year of playing. I don’t get to play a ton but I really enjoy the matches when I do. I finally got to Level 8 so I can play in the Victory Challenges and even tournaments and whatnot. That really reinvigorated my interest in the game. I’ve spent a little money, mainly on the stuff you can get for reaching a new level. Those seemed like good deals for cards, gold and gems.

I’ve messed with a lot of decks but the successful ones always seem to include an Ice Wizard, Witch, Skeleton Army, Minion Horde, Rage spell and some combination of Tower smashing unit, another spell and that eighth slot is all over the place. I’ve been messing with the Royal Giant lately and I like his shoot from long range deal. I also got the Clone spell in the recent challenge they ran and I like that a lot when combined with Rage especially in the late game.

I really never tire of this game until I lose a bunch in a row, which has become rarer and rarer. I also really like the 2v2 stuff available now. I’ve learned a lot and I’m a pretty good complementary player it seems.I win a lot more than I lose in 2v2. This is a pretty impressive game tbh.

this is an app I open multiple times a day still. I’m enjoying it even if I rarely get over 3400 trophies. (maybe if I read up on some strategy instead of juts winging it)

And of course that’s exactly what happened two days later… The Night Witch for sale and my NW purchase fund was still short 16k gold.

I’ll be damned if I buy gold with gems, and it would have taken something like 14-16 Classic Challenges to win 16k. That’s 8 hours of grinding to do in 24 hours, which is out of the question even on vacation. So off to the Grand Challenge it was! First try was abysmal, and I went 0-3. But the other two attempts were good enough at 5/3 and 6/3. But the level of play in the Grand Challenge is just brutally good.

The good news is that I now have everything I want for tournaments and challenges. Won’t have the gold to upgrade my ladder deck for a while, but the main reason to worry about the ladder is getting the high rarity cards for the Challenges.

If anyone is curious, my Grand Challenge deck was:

  • Pekka
  • Bandit
  • Barbarian Ram
  • Electro Wizard
  • Poison
  • Archers
  • Goblins
  • Log

(All at tournament level).

It’s fun to play a deck that’s so aggressive and has high damage density, rather than my usual Lava Hound decks that rely on careful defense and slowly grinding the opponent down.

Upgrading Barbarians to level 11 got me a pretty steady position in Legendary Arena. But then my next upgrades of Tombstone/8 and Goblin Gang/11 just didn’t seem to achieve a lot. I had a few shots at 4k at the tail end of the last season, but failed each time and quickly feel back down to 3800.

So with the new season starting, I decided to mix things up a bit. First attempts at deck changes failed (subbing in NW for either Barbarians or Goblin Gang), seemed to be more like 3600 level. But the following one just clicked immediately, and got me over 4k in a day:

Lava Hound/2
Night Witch/2
Mega Minion/8

So a bit more conventional than the previous deck, with the Lava Hound now having a proper damage dealer (Graveyard) to tank for. It might mean that I can sub in Poison for the Rocket too. The Rocket is there purely to counter Executioners, but with the Graveyard that might not be needed. And also I’m seeing way fewer Executioners than before; maybe due to the Tornado nerf.

Man, I can only hope to reach your level. I’m at just over 2300 now. Here’s my current deck that’s been winning more than losing…

Goblin Barrel/2
Minion Horde/8
Skeleton Army/4

I basically get the Golem down first if possible and send in adds like the Witch and occupy the tower with the Barrel. I follow with a Zap if they Skeleton Horde the Golem or put down the Poison if he makes it to the Princess Tower, which he usually does. Minion groupings take out Wizards and the like once they’re focused on the Golem. The Goblin Barrel I alternately use to harass the other Princess Tower. If I do get attacked on the other lane, my Skeleton Army takes care of Hog Riders, Princes and the like. Minions can be diverted to take out Balloons. I’ve found that this deck and strategy works pretty well because while I often take Princess Tower damage, it’s very manageable and I can usually set down the second Golem on the other lane to pressure within about five seconds or less of the first one eradicating Tower one. Some players give up after their first tower is taken out by that first Golem too.

I’ve had a couple guys that countered it well, but I’m going to ride it for a bit. I’m avoiding spending money on the game and I need to join a clan since I’m not getting any help with cards being a solo player. I’m having fun though. This is a great strategy time-waster.

That sounds like the wrong way around :) Surely the Golem to occupies the tower, and you only then send in the Barrel? But looks like a solid deck and game plan.

Yes, joining a clan will make a huge difference with how quickly you can advance. It’s not just that you get to request cards; the gold and XP rewards you for donating will really add up. (And the weekly clan chests are a nice bonus too).

The Mega Knight challenge is open. I don’t know that it’s the kind of unit I want to use, but in case it turns out to be too good, I didn’t want to wait week after week for one to show up in the shop. Also, this feels like one of the easiest 12 win challenges I’ve seen, and the one-time rewards are pretty sweet. Got 10 wins the first try, 12 on the second.

I used a minor variation of the deck a bunch of people in my clan got their 12 wins with:

  • Mega Knight
  • Pekka
  • Mega Minion
  • Zap
  • Electro Wizard
  • Night Witch
  • Bandit
  • ???

The Mega Knight is mostly useless for the challenge itself. Nobody runs cheap trash ground units, and everyone will have 1-2 tank killers. The one thing the MK will be great at is defending against a huge push, once the support troops are at the bridge.

I don’t know that the Mega Minion is actually the right choice over the Minions. Didn’t see a ton of air splash damage or Arrows. Zap is absolutely mandatory; there are a ton of decks using bats, and you can’t trust the EW to target them when fighting on the opponent’s side of the map.

Pekka is needed to kill opponent Mega Knights, as well as for the inevitable Pekka-Pekka duels I mentioned above. (You need some Pekka counter; it’ll be in 75% of the decks. Low or medium HP ground units won’t work due to the Mega Knight. So it’s either Pekka, a Minion Horde, or Inferno Tower/Dragon).

Electro Wizard is absolutely necessary for protecting the Pekka; it and the Ice Wizard are the support units that will have the most effect on the aforementioned duels. But Ice Wizard won’t help against Infernos, while EW is a pretty hard counter for them.

Night Witch is awesome value just for the steady stream of bats. The average deck is pretty low on air defence, so the bats will be a real nuisance. If in doubt, just play the NW behind the king tower and wait. The Bandit will really shred towers here, since nobody is using the cheap counters like Skeletons/Tombstone/Goblins.

The last slot is a matter of taste. Others were using an Elixir Pump there. Makes some sense, since this is an expensive deck. That’s what I used on the first run. The problem was that there weren’t really that many times when I wanted to stall and slow the game down. It was just hard to find the time to get the pumps down. Arrows seem like they’d make a ton of sense; I did see a decent amount of Minion Horde being played, and the deck as-is struggles against that.

But I ended up using Lightning just to have a good way of doing some chip damage on towers, while killing off supports at the same time. A lot of the games were running very deep into overtime on my first run. (One even ran out the extra long 3 minute overtime clock). 300 hp on a tower starts to add up in those cases.

The season resets at the start of next week, so now’s the time to try a trophy push. I got the 4300 trophy draft chest vry early in the season, so I was kind of hopeful that I could break to 4500 or so this season. But that seems to have been a fluke, 4400 seems to be the ceiling. No significant deck upgrades on the horizon either, the last level for a common / last 2 levels for a rare are just painfully slow. (But in a couple of months I should have the Lava Hound at level 4, Tower at 12, and Mega Minion at 11).

Lava Hound/3
Electro Wizard/2
Mega Minion/10
Goblin Gang/12

But most of my Clash Royale time in the last couple of weeks has been on the Classic Challenge. Played dozens of those with what seems to be the standard 2.9 elixir cost X-Bow deck, just to finally learn how those work. I’ve never understood siege decks or fast cycle decks, let alone the combination.

It’s incredibly difficult to play well. To start with I was getting 3-4 wins, and even now the best I’ve gotten to with that deck is 8. But it’s starting to click, and when it works, it’s really effective.

Do you have to hold the position to get the reward? ie. if I push to get above my current high of 4200, but in my attempt for 4300 I tank to under 4k, am I screwed out of a chest?

You can push safely, it’s determined by the season max trophies.

FYI, it looks like the next update will rework trade token such that the drop rate is double but both sides of the trade will need one. Which is a good change, but in practice devalues any existing tokens. So if you’ve been hoarding tokens, it’s probably spend them in the next 36 hours or so.

I just sent trades off for 4 legendaries, 4 epics, 2 rares and 4 commons since I’ve mostly been spending the 5th token to avoid overflow. And since other people in my clan started doing the same, there’s so much trade spam that the chat is totally useless :-P

I’ve been hating the trade token change. So so sooo many trades are outstanding in the clan, but can’t do them because I just simply don’t have enough tokens. If I only have 1 token, I need to keep it to initiate a trade myself. Trying to coordinate a one off trade - although doable, is wicked tricky and often a helpful fellow clanmate may execute on the trade before both members successfully complete it.

I’ve seen the complaints on Reddit, and just don’t get it. Our clan has three trades open right now, which is hardly unreasonable. It’s incredibly simple to finish trades. If somebody is asking for a card X I’m willing to part with but offering a card Y I don’t care about, I’ll just make a counter-offer of Z for X. And it’ll almost always get accepted.

Trying to coordinate a one off trade - although doable, is wicked tricky and often a helpful fellow clanmate may execute on the trade before both members successfully complete it.

But now that both sides spend a token, it doesn’t really matter who the counter-party is.

(Also I don’t get the complaints on Reddit about lack of tokens. I had zero tokens a week ago, since I spent them just before the update. I’ve since traded one legendary and three epics. And have a rare and two commons left. The milestone challenge and the global tournament dropped tokens like candy.)

Having come back recently after a year or so away, I have no idea what trade tokens are. You can trade your spare cards for ones you actually want? Do I need to join a clan for this?

Correct on both counts .

In general playing in a clan is the way to go, even if you don’t care at all about the social aspects. It’ll speed up advancement by something like 3x (the trade tokens are the least of it).

Maybe I’m just having shit luck for trade tokens?!?!
I dunno. My clan, which is pretty active with trades and filling people’s normal requests… has 9 trades open.
(All Epic / Legendary - and one common… ha! )
Maybe this crew just isn’t communicating enough.

I’m looking to trade as much as possible… need to finally get to lvl 13 so I can get all those nice new looks!

Yeah. Or not necessarily even communicate, but at least offer trades they think people might accept.

Unless they’re all looking for exactly the same card, they should first look at what other people’s existing trades are asking for, and offer that card when setting up the new trade.

It’s crazy how much they’ve loosened the economy in the last few months. I’m a few days away from level 13 towers. Gathering that 80k XP took 8 months. About 35k of that came in the last two months. The global tournaments are of course the best thing they’ve done for the game in a while, except for when they run them with non-standard rules. And last weekend’s challenge was just absurdly generous (165k coins in rewards, with a continue rather than a restart).

I’m still rocking pretty much the same ladder deck as before, with two subs. The tombstone nerf a while back was maybe the least deserved one ever in the game, and just killed the card. Replaced that with the Barbarian Barrel which just provides absurdly much value and flexibility. And the Skeleton Guards are the defensive ground unit of choice for any deck as far as I’m concerned, given the spell heavy metas.

Lava Hound/5
Electro Wizard/4
Barbarian Barrel/12
Skeleton Guards/12
Mega Minion/13

Got to 5150 last season, this season’s best is only 4900. But if I really can’t get crack 5200 with the level 13 towers, I’m going to be disappointed.

The changes Supercell did over the last few months somehow really killed my motivation for playing it. There was a sequence of three totally disastrous balance updates in a row, with justifications that were just obviously fabricated after the changes had been made for some other reason. Why do months of work to upgrade a card to usable level, when it’ll be just nerfed into oblivion at Rumham’s whim? Then there was the ludicrous trophy inflation from the ladder changes, which basically invalidated all previous accomplishments and also made it pointless to play ladder before the last week of a season.

So I did what any sane person would do: started another account. This time going for a level 1-only account, which basically means never upgrading any cards at all (I mean, you have to upgrade the knight to level to in the tutorial, and could theoretically afford a few common upgrades or one rare upgrade before ending up on level 2). In practice this means playing as many base level legendaries as possible, and filling the remaining slots with base level epics.

The ladder changes actually make a f2p level 1 account a lot less painful to play. The trophy road will be constantly feeding you new cards so there’s no need to wait to progress. Most importantly at 1900 trophies you get a guaranteed legendary, and if that legendary is good, it’ll give a very nice additional boost. Previously you’d be waiting for months for the first legendary due to how crippled level 1 accounts are: e.g. no challenges and just one quest slot.

Now, getting to 1900 shouldn’t take a ton of time (I was at 2200 after one evening’s play) thanks to the constant feed of new cards. So if you get a bad legendary from the 1900 reward, just abandon the account and start a new one. I got the Bandit, which I suspect is one of the better options for the first legendary in this challenge. You really want something that can do both defense and deal tower damage, and the Bandit is great at both. On the other end of the spectrum, something like the Ice Wizard would be total garbage, since it’s purely a support unit, and your other units aren’t really worth supporting.

I’m now at 3199 trophies with that account, which should be high enough that legendaries start appearing in the shop. So it should be pretty smooth sailing to get a couple of more legendaries, and hopefully those would be enough to get to 4k and start unlocking the season rewards.

Current deck is:

Dark Prince/6
Skeleton Horde/6
Barbarian Barrell/6
Baby Dragon/6

The average opponent at this point has level 9 towers and around level 8 cards, which basically means their towers have double the HP and damage output, and their units have 20% more HP and damage output. So it requires pretty careful play, every single mistake will cause the loss of a tower. But at least for now I’m enjoying this more than playing with the main account.