Class action lawsuit over Xbox controller drift?

Is this a real thing and is it as wide-spread as these people claim?

Anyone here experienced it?

Yeah my elite series 2 controller died to stick drift after 3 months.

I just logged a fault with my Elite 2 for this issue a couple of days ago, It’s less than 6 months old & I’m not aggressive with it.

Fortunately I’m in Oz & Australian Consumer Protection laws require MS to repair or replace under warranty. From the email response, it seems like they will just replace it.

The standard controller that came with my XB1X at launch is still OK though.

I had a controller that experienced drift in the right stick, I remember playing Mad Max and when I pulled up the map it just kept zooming in. What the hell, a bug? I thought, but I eventually put it together. I’m sharp that way. So I just stuck it in a drawer until a few months ago, when I plugged it back and and, well …


I guess? Anyway, stick no longer drifts. I don’t know but I kept using it and it seems ok still. So maybe the potentiomomathingy can fix itself?

My Day One controller that came with my launch unit in 2013 started drifting in 2017 and I had to buy a new controller.

Huh. Mine has been in a drawer since 2017. Maybe I should try it again to see if it still happens. You’d think it still would, your case is probably some strange anomaly.

Does it no longer drift on that game would be the question I think. A lot of games have deadstick settings, especially driving games, you might have just run into it being set too low. Every Xbox controller I’ve ever owned has had drift problems if you set the dead position too narrow.

My understanding, based on Reddit comments which are authoritative sources, is that the faulty component in the sticks is used in every Xbox controller, Elite or not. According to Reddit, it’s the exact same component used in Dual Shocks. So why do Dual Shocks not have this reputation?

Here’s the faulty component:

I just googled Dual Shock stick drift and I’m getting plenty of results. The Switch has this problem too, but clearly uses a different component as those stick boxes are way too fat for the Joycon. The underlying manufacturing process for all of them must be the same, and must have the same flaw.

It’s premature wear and tear. Some insulating material gets rubbed off internally and the thing starts making unwanted contacts. In my case, it would drift up slightly, and then eventually the entire stick died in the upward direction. There must have been a bunch of crud in there gumming up the contact point for the up direction.

Microsoft was pretty chill about sending me a new one, so they must know this is a problem and are trying to keep people from getting too salty. I’m sure they’re refurbing the elite I sent back, it was almost new.