Classic Air Combat Sim Recommendations

Speaking as a Wings Over Flanders Field veteran; Any landing you can be stretchered away from…

Have you tried the new Flying Circus from the IL-2 folks, now that it has a career mode? Some folks at told me it makes WOFF moot, but I’m not sure.



Only took over a dozen attempts.

You guys don’t like Rise of Flight? I think it’s really fun.

It holds up so well that I haven’t really been tempted to upgrade. It’s 777 Studios’s game from before BoS.

The sounds and the UI are genuinely terrible though. The DLC scheme is also crap, but I remember getting all of it real cheap during a sale.

Mazel tov!

I have hundreds of hours in Rise of Flight, I like it a lot. However… in campaign mode I think ROF feels like a war movie where you’re the star, while WOFF feels like you’re a pilot in an on-going war.

I like both flavours, but they are different flavours.

I’ve actually never played Rise of Flight. WoFF has always been my WWI go to.



Oh wow!! Was watching your stream today and bemoaning the fact that it was not available digitally. Great news.

I KNOW. I couldn’t speak for a moment when I saw it on Steam yesterday, my wife wasn’t sure if I was okay.

ALSO more good news, I have confirmation from Interplay it’ll also be on GOG.

LOL we get SO excited when we can buy abandonware ;P

C’mon man, it being legitimately sold takes it out of abandonware and makes it much more legally clear to “own”. This is a great thing for video game preservation.

It takes the annoyance out of having to tinker to get it to work. Plus Brian’s comments re legitimacy.

(Shrug) My opinion’s been changing on this over time. There was a time when I applauded seeing these old classics back on the market.

Then I got more jaded as I saw that these old classics were basically being dumped out there on a whim to try to recoup a few more double-dipped florins from an aging audience. The people buying the rights of these oldies don’t have love for them. They’re dumped on the Steam/GoG market with little care or concern (I don’t need to repeat how TF 1942 was dumped on Steam with the warez readmes still in the distro!) and left to rot. Sometimes a little work beyond packaging them with DOSBox is done, sometimes not.

Then I see and follow people like the ExoDOS and 86Box on Discord and see the real, hard-core preservationalists at work. They’re the ones doing the hard and free work of collecting up box images, magazine images, manual scans, ancient patches and clean (no-crack) versions of the software, and then doing the legwork to use the right emulation settings to make them work properly (which is something the abandonware sellers often don’t do.)

The “privilege” of tossing a few bucks at a disinterested rights-holder for a 30-year-old game has pretty much soured on me now. And as for preservation, that’s doing just fine on its own without the manufactured “legitimacy”.

I don’t want to get into a shrugging match on a Saturday night - I’ll lose.

I mean, I get your ire at old games being dumped on digital distribution platforms, but still, that still gets these classics into more people’s hands than going to abandonware sites or ebay. It’s easy for those of us with legal, physical copies to overlook the grey legal area that is abandonware, but a lot of people don’t have the luxury that we have. A lot of folks don’t want to spend the time trying to get qn abandonware copy to work, or to seek out a legal copy on eBay.

So while, again, I get your ire, I just don’t and can’t share in it. I’m delighted that these older games will be available for easy legal purchase and download.

Yep. Preservation means getting the software to a place where it’s properly archived, and not at the whim of right holders who would make it available for sale one day and delete all known file repositories the next as the business model requires.

It’s live, $9.99!

So today, I got to a training mission with a multi-tornado op. I’d never seen one of these before – when I played this back in the day I never got that far in it – and it was ASTOUNDING to see. While I was about to drop bombs over a runway, to my left, I saw other parts of the airport blow up as another Tornado flew over it. Fucking amazing.

I also saw fog for the first time in the game today. AMAZING for 1993.

Man, I wish we had sims with design today, on modern engines, like we had in the 90’s. We have excellent airplane sims, not very good air combat sims.

Fuck you, Oleg.

(Meant in jest. The original IL-2 series was a soulless paean to rivet counters, but without that and Flanker 2.0 we’d have had bupkis. But their spawn lack so much of their predecessors.)

Couldn’t agree more.