Classic Christmas Movie?

Hi all

First post on here. For my movie club that I run, I need to get recommendations for a classic Christmas movie.

You know the type, sort of like “It’s a Wonderful Life” with James Stewart from the 1950s.

Can anyone recommend a movie that’s a classic like that one, preferably from the 1940s, 50’s, 60’s like that?

Hello and welcome. Are you looking for something not discussed that much? Everyone knows about It’s a Wonderful Life, for example. The Bishop’s Wife is a favorite, but that’s also well known.

One I don’t see mentioned that often is We’re No Angels with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov, and Aldo Ray. The Christmas stuff is minor, but it’s there. It also has Basil Rathbone in it.

Miracle on 34th street?

Also, I’m just gonna say it, because somebody is gonna say it: Die Hard.

When your bot account can’t even get the movie title right in its fishing post…

…also probably need to make sure you’re not using the same email text content you were using in November/December of last year, too.

Not or no bot, I’m still gonna recommend Holiday Inn.

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Die Hard.

Not sorry.

In case the bot is curious, I’m rather fond of Christmas in Connecticut:

Just saw that one this past Christmas. I enjoyed it.

Muppets Christmas Carol

White Christmas!

Thanks all, I’m gonna with the Bishop’s Wife, thanks all!

Cary Grant and David Niven – hard to go wrong with that. Loretta Young is luminous and the professor is a charming character.

Blast of Silence


a killer wants to get out of his job, but fails.

also Lion in Winter


check out the christmas tree. A royal family get together and have a fun time, lots of talking is done.

Lots of '60’s movies had a lot of bickering going on that passed for sparkling conversation. It’s a bit wearisome, really.

unless it is Lion in Winter, which has some of the best dialogues in any movie from the 60s. Based on a play, the remake with Glenn Close and Patrick Steward was also great, because of the text. I watch the original every christmas!