Classic Shows That Should Be Available For Streaming (But Aren't)

Post the ones you’d be rewatching if you had your druthers. I’ll start.

Buffalo Bill
Homicide:Life on the Street

I would have said Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. But it seems they’re both on my Spectrum channels.

Santa Barbara
Brooklyn Bridge

Fernwood 2Night

Alien Nation
Space Above and Beyond
Brisco County Jr
Street Hawk
SeaQuest DSV

Midnight Caller

I’ll second the Brisco County Jr rec, and add that Millennium show with Lance Henriksen.

Seaquest is available . If you have a Roku, its on their channel.

Dammit I don’t have a Roku.

Omg the first two sesons, the only ones worth watching, are on Peacock!

I keep thinking of more.

Crime Story
Sledge Hammer!

Not a classic, but there was a short summer series on ABC called The Days that I really liked. There were rumors it may have done well enough in a tough Sunday slot to come back, but when fall started Desperate Housewives was in that slot and did well enough that The Days were numbered. I’d still like to see it again.

Similarly there was a Lucie Arnaz dramedy called Sons and Daughters that I would have loved to get a DVD release (or stream).

Edit: I lied, Crime Story is streaming different places.

Thought this was going to be about Bosom Buddies with Peter Scolari’s passing. Also, Newhart doesn’t seem to be on any services either.

Yeah neither Newhart nor The Bob Newhart Show are streaming anywhere.

The Bob Newhart Show is on Hulu and can be purchases digitally too, Newhart I don’t think is anywhere at the moment.

Holy shit that’s great. It was nowhere to be found last I looked. Thank you!

I had a bunch of shows that I wanted to list here, but then discovered that they ARE all available to stream, but only in the US and not on this side of the pond. Guess all the regional rights issues are still an issue and quite a few of the providers haven’t established platforms here yet.

Stark Raving Mad.

Still looking for ‘Ed’. Would love to just buy a DVD set. Don’t know if the music rights has made that problematic. Loved the series in the day, and would love to watch it again. The $10 bets were one of my favorite running gags, with ‘I’ll give you $10 to get a box for that French Fry’ (he had one left on the plate) one I still remember.

Max Headroom
The Adventures of Pete and Pete
Space Above and Beyond.

I’m still baffled by @copeknight 's selection of Santa fucking Barbara. The 80/90s daytime soap? I was a Days guy in college and there were lots of YR folk too. But SB? teh fook?


except that it might be available for purchase on Appletv. Not sure if that counts as streaming for this thread. But god damn, was that an amazing show.