Classic/Slow-Paced RTS Multiplayer "Tournament" aka Old Games for Old People

Based on some discussions on @legowarrior’s MP discord server the idea came up to try to put together a casual multiplayer RTS tournament of sorts. So far, the proposal is this:

We figure out a list of 5 or 10 RTS games, and anyone with at least 3 or them can enter. Then for every game, we select a random RTS game for two players (as long as both players have both games) and we go from there. It’s a bit crazy and not well thought out, but I thought I would bring it up

We thought it might be fun to focus on older and/or slower paced RTS games. It’s easy to find some stranger to crush you at Starcraft, but how often do you get to settle in for a friendly match of Rise of Nations or AoE?

So, while the discord will probably be the best place to set up individual games, let’s have this be the thread to express interest, nominate games, and post results.

Games Proposed:
Rise of Nations
Age of Empires (probably 2, but maybe others too?)
Warlords Battlecry 3
Star Wars Battleground
Empire at War
Dawn of War 1
Close Combat?

The players
@GregB - RoN
@Sharpe - RoN

Cool! Let’s get this started.

The only way I could be more on board this train is if I bought a second ticket.

Okay, Star Wars Battleground and Empire at War might be awesome games to consider.

Maybe we should just set up brackets and let the individuals decide the game of choice. If we make it best out of 3, each player can choose a game, and the third game is random. Obviously it would be based on a list of games both players have access to.


Yeah, no reason to force a random game if the two players have a particular one they want to play. I’m reluctant to set up rigid brackets, because time zones and availability could become an issue. Let’s see how that shakes out?

Man, empire at war or rise of nations multiplayer would be sweet.

Would that I actually had time for games… but if I ever do, I’ll give this a look!

Homeworld series has always been sorta slow-paced.

Yeah, that would leave the classic versions and Remastered as options. Remastered has its issues but would be easier to get set up.

Need to get back to working on my RTS skills is seems.


Will this be streamed?

I don’t suppose Dawn of War or Company of Heroes would be considered non twitchy games, would they?

Dawn of War (1, at least) is relatively less micro intensive, in my opinion.

Doesn’t Kohan have its MP disabled now and have difficulty running on W10?

So, I like rts,but I have zero of those games.

I am curious what games you do have. Maybe we can add it to the list.

Otherwise, this is a good time to pick up some of those games. I think all of them are pretty much classics.

It doesn’t? Well, that’s one more game down.

It’s it exactly RTS, but the Close Combat games are the epitome of slow paced.

Maybe we should put together a poll and see games are most popular.

Yeah, feel free to nominate whatever you’ve got! “Classic” is a pretty loose term. And like @legowarrior says, now is a good time to pick up one or two if your budget allows. I’m going to pick up AoE 2 regardless because it’s $5 now instead of the usual $15, and I somehow have never owned a copy.

Also, I haven’t added @Pyperkub, @YakAttack, or @Canuck to the player list yet since I didn’t want to presume :) Let me know if you’re interested.

I suppose it’s possible, but would presumably be up to the individual players? I’ve never streamed anything, but could take a stab at it.