Classic/Slow-Paced RTS Multiplayer "Tournament" aka Old Games for Old People


Looks like we are starting to get a trickle of people. @Otthegreat and @Otagan, what is the next step going to be?

I still want an idea of how many people would be interested first. Given it’s a long weekend for most, including myself, waiting a few days seems prudent either way.

Let’s set a time to commit to the RoN tourney at 12am EST on Wednesday, December 27th, which should give everyone time to finish their long weekend and decide if they want to join. Then we can assign pairings, etc.

By the way, RoN extended edition is on sale on Steam for $5 right at the moment.

Thanks for the game recommendations everyone. Regardless of whether or not you plan on joining in.

Sounds like we’re on track for a Rise of Nations tournament this coming week, join us on the discord if you’re interested!

All right, time to try getting this party started.

Here’s another thought for future tournaments: team tournaments.

In a 1v1 tournament, we are playing on small maps, but some of these games are best on medium to large maps. So perhaps a tournament of 2 person teams, on medium sized maps? Sure, somewhat harder to schedule but hey.

To get the ball rolling, I suggest a Kohan II 2 person team tournament, using Game Ranger to connect. I will volunteer to team with the least experienced player. Caveat: if Enidigm joins, he also has to team with an inexperienced player.

That would also be a good format for Age of Empires 2, where team bonuses are a thing. But I am excited to play Kohan II next.

I’d be interested in some AoE2 action, potentially, schedule permitting.

I believe the tentative agreement is Kohan 2 next, and then something else. I would like to throw in a sci fi game, like Star Wars Battleground (with EF mod) but I don’t believe that is settled yet.

A couple of additional ideas:

If people are not sick of RoN by the time we finish this tournament, we could do a team RoN tournament: balance the teams based on the standings in this tourney, and then set up 2v2 matches on mid sized maps. RoN on larger maps and in teams is somewhat different than straight 1v1.

Second, I’m actually interested in trying some RoN on larger maps - anyone interested in some comp stomps or maybe setting up a 2v2 game? This would be normal free play, not a tournament.

I personally like both of those ideas. The only concern about a team tournament is possible scheduling difficulties, which is why I avoided it in the test run, but I prefer most games in a team format when all other things are equal.

I am up for that, but I don’t make my Kohan 2 practice be for not.

So Otagan, Legowarrior and I managed to get Kohan 2 to run multiplayer using direct IP connection. Game was pretty smooth and we stomped on some comps. I do love Kohan as a team game.

We coudlnt’ get Game Ranger to work but it looks like direct IP is not that tough to do.

That game showed me that I would rather not play against @Sharpe, at least not right away.

I would also rather not play against @Sharpe in Rise of Nations :)

AoE 2/3 or AoM I might have a fighting chance.

Well, I am sure we will put a poll up for the next game, but I really enjoyed Kohan 2.

Now, if Team games are in the cards, then AoE 2/3 or SWBG would be cool.

Is there a resolution mod for swbg?

There is a resolution mod. I actually have been using a mod called Expanded Frontier, which comes with some important balance and stability patches as well as adding two factions.

I feel like the RoN tournament is going quite well, so perhaps we can discuss doing another tournament.

My suggestion for format would be 2-person teams on medium/large maps instead of 1v1 on small maps, both to experience bigger map size, and to allow for teamwork.

The two games that would work well in this format are IMO:

Age of Empires II:HD
Kohan II

Otagan, Legowarrior and I have tested direct IP connection on Kohan II and it works reasonably well. I believe AoE II HD also has viable multiplayer options.

Those are my ideas for the next tourney.