Classic Tetris

Maybe it’s my horrible google skills, but I couldnt’ find this for the life of me. I’m looking for the classic, original version with the music and all for my wife. Anyone see one floating around? out there somewhere? I’m sure it’s out there… somewhere!

Gameboy emulator. That’s the original classic Tetris in my mind, anyway. If you want some old PC version, that might be harder to find. Underdogs maybe? It’s hardly an underdog, though.

Yeah, what do you mean by “original?” Regardless, either NES version is easily available in any fine ROM collection.

In my mind the PC version was the original, with the good old Spectrum Holobyte box and all. I still remember my friend showing me this crazy puzzle game he got, that was from the USSR. Whoa.

Yeah, I believe the PC version was the ‘original’. (or was there an even earlier arcade version?)

It was 4-color CGA, if I remember correctly, and fit on a 5 1/4" floppy. (as did nearly everything in the CGA days.)

They way she describes it: “The one with the Russian music with it, played on an IBM clone.” It has better graphics then the CGA version.

I’m thinking she might mean the arcade version, as that had the music, and fairly strong graphics… If I need to go the emulator route I could check in to that, I have’t played around with an emulater much in a while, and the only time I have was with ancient arcade games.

The GB one definitely has the music.

Perhaps she is thinking of the original Tengen version for the NES that was pulled off of shelves due to a lawsuit by Nintendo over the rights that they lost? It was a far superior port of the arcade version than the one Nintendo later released(which I hated in comparison). I wish to hell I still had a copy of that. sadface

Here’s an interesting rundown of the “tetris saga” back then that I find rather facinating:

Interesting write up. But it still leaves me searching for a good, quality PC version of it.

Yeesh, just get an NES emulator already.

That+tengen tetris=hours wasted. I have to agree there.

I remember playing an Amiga version that had that Russian music. There was also a nice clone called “Super Twintris” for the Amiga that allowed two people to play together (split screen) with some kind of head-to-head scoring system. Whenever you got a big stack (like 4 levels at once) the whole screen would shake.

I had a native PC version of Tetris for years. It’s probably still around somewhere on a CD Rom or a Zip disk. It never had any music that I could get to work though. That latter version is the one I played the most.

done… thanks for the help all.

don’t know why I didn’t just get it to begin with, or after ppl suggested it here. I guess I figured it came out on the PC before any consoles.

It did, though there’s nothing particularly special about the PC version unless you absolutely have to have the original, untainted Tetris experience. Otherwise, the NES ports are just fine too.

Moby Games lists the original DOS version as 1986, the Tengen NES version as 1988, and the GameBoy version as 1989.

Here’s a complete list, courtesy of Moby Games.

Here’s also a complete early history of Tetris.

So the PC version was the first. Moby Games and Google FTW.

I don’t have google skillz. :/

the Tengen version appears to be “the” version to go with.

Hell, I’d say the N64 version or the DS version is “the” version to go with, but to each their own. =)

why do you like those better?
Again, I’d rather play them on the PC then on the console, although I suppose I could dust off my N64.

The n64 one (“The New Tetris”) was really really good. It had some very cool music (by the same guy who did music for Tetrisphere – Nintendo even released MP3’s online as promotions for this music), and I think it was the first one to show you your upcoming piece queue and have a ‘bankable’ piece. It also had a mechanic where special stuff happened if you could create 4x4 blocks made from 4 tetris pieces. The vibe is worldly, and I think there’s some very loose plot about building the 7 wonders of the world as you play. Each of the locations has its own musical and visual theme, all pretty polished and nice.

The DS version (“Tetris DS”) is retro-Nintendo themed, and had a number of new gameplay modes. There’s lots of puzzle modes, a touch-and-slide mode (yoshi’s cookie theme), a strange rotate-the-mass-of-blocks mode (metroid), etc. It also has online play, but I can’t get a DS to successfully connect to any WAPs.

If you’re want pure traditional gameplay, the tengen or PC version are probably best. If you want a gentle and faithful update with great production values, try the n64 version – it really is great. If you want one with Nintendo themes and lots of wacky-but-cool gameplay modes, check out the DS version.

ok gave the Tengen a whirl. Works really nice. I was going to check out th PC version, which ver. would you suggest? The list at Moby Games has a ton of PC versions. I’m guessing a DOS version? but again ther are so many of those as well.