Classics that stand the test of time

Play Ocarina of Time.

Still quite possibly the best game ever.

If you’re just getting into gaming don’t let PC centric snobs ruin you. Get a console, any console.

If you’re asking for classics because of the incredible value and low prices, you will find no better value than buying a used console and some used games.

I don’t know how you can say that after Caesarbear’s post at the end of the first page of this thread. PC Games drop the most in value, despite being classics, and he’s listed some truly great games there that are available from GoGamer for really really cheap. Contrast that with most used games prices for old consoles or current consoles, and I don’t think it compares. Plus most of these classics that Caesarbear pointed out are playable on most people’s old machines that they use for emailing, etc. You don’t need a big rig to run most of these games, so its not like you can say a PC is too expensive.

If I recall, Star Control 2 was scenario driven (and not a random map, etc.), correct?

Yes, same map every time. I think even the same resources on all planets.
But pretty freeform at many points, only moving the story when you stop by
places to speak to people. I think the big, bad enemy came running at you
all the time later in the game. I just installed UQM again, but Oblivion came
calling for my attention, so I didn’t get far this time around ;)

Star Control 1 and 2 comprised the majority of my gaming youth when we weren’t playing Master of Magic or Master of Orion 2 (hotseat w/brothers). Command HQ and Empire were pretty fun in the hotseat prior to MOO2. We couldn’t have been that old (maybe between 8-13 years).

Granted we were pretty nerdy kids, but I’m sure we were pretty similar to the kids you’re saying are all ADHD victims these days. I would venture to say that game companies simply do not trust that children have the brain power or maturity to play games like the ones mentioned above. The industry is more interested in pandering to the sports loving, cleavage obsessesed 18-35 year olds without much content beyond those bullets.
It’s not the fault of the kids that the adults who hold the reigns simply are not as creative as their predecessors.

Hidden and Dangerous. Excellent single player and co-op mode for (small) LAN bashes

Come on, that is such a straw man! As both a member of the “ADHD generation” and someone who loves Ur-Quan Masters and games like it, I find that comment completely unfair. Besides, you guys of the older generations seem to forget that you’re the ones who put the world in a position to produce an “ADHD generation.” ;-)

Add another full decade and you’ll feel like hanging yourself, B.

Gotta agree with Hippo here. It’s more a matter of taste and style than ADHD. Slow doesn’t sell as well as fast.

I think it’s more a matter of games costing much more to develop and therefore needing to appeal to more people to generate a profit.

And you may never, since it has the world’s worst renderer. It has nothing to do with videocards. Basically, as Jason Cross and I discovered when it was released, it pretty much renders everything all the time, even stuff you can’t see. If you turn on wireframe mode, you can see why the performance sucks; you can be in a hall, but it’s rendering hallways above and below for no reason.

I personality think if Star control 2 had a random map generator it would have been perfect.

I recentily played the original Metal Gear 1 and 2 msx version on subsistence, and I’m really surprised with how well they’ve held up since they were made in the late 80s. Metal gear 2 feels exactily like MGS1 but in 2d. All the stealth gameplay is there and the random key card hunting.

Hmmm…I tried SC 2 and all I did was drop down on planets and grab little blips of elements and then fly back to earth and drop them off…and then go get more. I did this for a couple of hours and then stopped playing. What am I missing?

When I think classic games, I think Space Invaders, Pong, and Atari 2600 games.

Sure there are games that folks consider classic that are more up to date, Half-Life for instance, but I usually think further back than that.

My list is for older games, but they’re still fun…

Yar’s Revenge, what a fun game, I play it for hours sometimes.
The Original Shareware Doom, How fun.
Zork, First computer game I ever played.
Space Invaders, Classic
Pong, If it weren’t for pong, where would we be today, pinball probably.

Yeah, old stuff. But doesn’t get much more classic.
The pong machine at the bowling alley I used to hang out in would overflow with quarters after 2 days. Owner had a hate/love relationship with that machine.

That’s just what you do so you can afford enough ships to be able to do the quests. The first time you go back to Earth, the space station commander should give you something to do. The place he sends you will send you to more places to do stuff, which will each send you to more places, and also the space station commander will have more stuff by the time you get back, etc. etc. etc. It all unfolds into a huge storyline with many, many quests.

Star Control 1 and 2 comprised the majority of my gaming youth

I never played SC2 when it was out because I don’t think it was released for Amiga (or if it was I never knew about it). SC1 I played to death. Me and my brothers would mostly just play the head-to-head skirmishes where your ships face off in battles without the strategic wrapper. (We did try the latter a few times as well.) Beating an Ur-Quan dreadnought with an Arilou is a satisfying feeling. I also remember crashing a Chengesu (sp?) into a planet and see it go shooting off at a ridiculous speed.

“Launch fighters! Launch fighters! La-la-la-launch Fighters!”

The best part about the UQM remake is that it’s a port of the 3DO version, which I had and always regretted removing from my collection.

Now I don’t worry about it anymore. :)

Any point & clck adventure from Lucas Arts.

IMO, Star Control 2’s quality of writing is in the top 10 of all games.

Having played The Ur-Quan Masters (but not too far in) I would agree that it really is a classic which stands the test of time. Lots of niggles, but it’s still great… though does it count considering it’s an updated port? :)