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This game looks pretty cool:

Gameplay video here:

Article here:

Silent Storm without the panzerkleins?

That’s a strange way to spell Inglorious Bastards the unlicensed Game.

I wishlisted that with an extreme click.

Yep, color me interested as well!

Looks cool, but I’m worried a turn based strategy in a WW2 setting may become uninteresting in the long term.

Maybe if they added something like mechs, and made those mechs more and more of the focus as the game went on…

This does look good.

What is the opposite of “I like what you are thinking and wish to subscribe to your newsletter”? B/C that’s what I’m feeling.

They had me at turn-based

Well, if you change your mind:

Pretty sure DoubleG was being sarcastic in order to call out Silent Storm.

I laughed at and was annoyed by this at the same time.

That direction in Silent Storm really annoyed me.

I thought from the thread title this would be more like a Turtledove novel.

Ooo never heard of this before. Wishlisted! Thanks for the heads up!

Looks cool, although I must admit that the movement speed (or lack thereof) and repeated animations (climbing through windows very slowly, for example) of the characters got old even while wacthing this short video. I hope that is adjustable in some way…

While looking at the forums I also came across this:

Forgotten but Unbroken

Also WW2 & leading a Resistance group in turn-based action.

Why waste your time with anything else…

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Hidden & Dangerous

A game that deserves a remake. I feel like the Hitman engine would be a no brainer.

Because this game is 25 years old and not TB?

Thanks for the info, Grif!

And since we’re sharing similar games, I got this one real cheap during the Steam summer sale… seems fun though I haven’t given it much time yet.