Clay's Werewolf Game

The rules of a standard vampire game are in place (casting votes during the day for firing squad, firing squad in the evening, werewolves attack sometime during the night)

I want to give everyone a chance to vote, but if all but one or two people have voted and it’s been a few hours, I will call the one hour mark and the vote tallied.

Communicate with each other as much as you want via PM, IRC, phone, text message, Until you have been eliminated from the game, then please stop at that point.

Please don’t post in the thread if you aren’t playing or after you are dead.

The game will begin soon; I hope you all have a good time.


Demon G. Sides - Oberst (Colonel) - Dead
Mike Jamieson - Oberstleutnant (Lt.Colonel) Dead
Mike O’Malley - Major (Major) - Dead
Rimbo - Hauptman (Captain) - Dead
Scrax - Hauptman (Captain) - Dead
Crater - Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)
extarbags - Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) - Dead
Malcom Tucker - Feldwebel (Sergeant) - Dead
Conrad - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Cormac - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Delirium - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Juan Rayo - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Marged - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Ninyu - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Riley - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
russellmz00 - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Sarkus - Gefreiter (Corporal)
seventimessix - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead
Squirrel Killer - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Varlas - Gefreiter (Corporal) - Dead

Wisbechlad - Arzt (Doctor) - Dead

Date: September 1944
Location: Stalag Luft Quatel Zu Drei a secret POW camp located in the Black Forest of Southern Germany

Sept. 3, 1943: The day started as any other, all P.O.Ws were called for morning parade and roll-call at which time they were all counted and fed one of their two daily rations of thin soup and black bread, most days were spent in boredom dreaming of the day that the war would be over and they would be allowed to return home but on this day Oberst Demon G. Sides had allowed them to spend some time in the yard playing sports. Most of the guards in the compound were watching as the prisoners played a game of Football (soccer) and didn’t notice the sound of the trucks approaching the North gate, a loud horn rang out and all turned to see a convoy nearing the gate the distinct insignia of the SS emblazoned on the side of the vehicles could be seen. “shit are you fucking kidding me, what are these elitists fucks doing here?” Crater mumbled to himself as he yelled for everyone to “Look alive, we’ve got company!” All officers of the camp took their stations as Mike Jamieson went to inform Oberst G. Sides of our visitors.

The gate was opened and the trucks rolled in coming to a stop next to the Barracks, dozens of armed SS elite soldiers piled out of the two front and two back trucks the quickly surrounded the truck in the middle, guns drawn and pointing at the vehicle they waited as 6 other officers came out of the vehicle with a single prisoner in tow, Cormac watched the scene unfold and thought “My god that is a lot of soldiers for one prisoner, he must be pretty damn important.” A few moments later Obergruppenfuhrer (SS General) Fuekenstik exited the lead car and approached Oberst G. Sides, the Obergruppenfuhrer introduced himself and informed Oberst Demon G. Sides that he had been instructed to bring this prisoner to Stalag Luft Quatel Zu Drei and that he wanted him placed in solitary confinement for the first few days he was to be here. Oberst G. Sides inquired who this prisoner was but was abruptly cut off and told that those were matters of the SS and he only need worry about keeping the prisoner alive. Oberst G. Sides waived over Scrax and Delirium, he then instructed them to show their guest to the solitary confinement cell located in the underground bunker and to stand watch over him until instructed otherwise. Scrax saluted, he and Delirium then led the prisoner still surrounded by SS soldiers to the underground cell. Upon securing the prisoner in the solitary confinement cell the SS soldiers immediately returned to the vehicles in which they had arrived, Obergruppenfuhrer Fuekenstik then pulled Oberst G. Sides close and whispered “It is of upmost importance that nothing happen to that prisoner, if it does you will have me to deal with and you will find that I am not so forgiving.” and with that he returned to his car and left almost as quickly as they had arrived.

Sept. 4th 1943 1:30 PM
The camp is abuzz today everyone including the P.O.Ws have been discussing yesterday’s events trying to figure out just who this new prisoner is and why he is so important? I spoke with Ninyu, Conrad and Marged this morning and asked them if they had heard any more, So far no one seems to know anything, as guards take turns watching over his cell they try to talk to him but so far all he does is lay on his cot staring at the wall occasionally grimacing in pain, Oberst Demon G. Sides is worried that he is sick and is thinking about having Arzt Wisebechlad take a look at him.

Sept. 4th 1943 3:45 PM
Arzt Wisebechlad Examined the prisoner, he told Oberst G. Sides that other than having a fever everything seemed to fine with our new guest, I know this is a relief to the Oberst he doesn’t want anything to happen to this prisoner, I am not sure what all the fuss is about over this man but I am sure that we will find out soon enough.

Sept. 4th 1943 11:30 PM
The entire compound was startled by blood curdling screams coming from the P.O.W quarters, Gefreiter Riley who was walking patrol around the barracks had just gotten to the back of the building when he heard a loud crashing noise followed by screams from inside, he immediately ran to the front entrance, as he rounded the corner to the front of the P.O.W. quarters he could see the front door completely gone, Riley drew his weapon as he approached the entrance briefly looking over his shoulder to see if anyone else was coming, he could still hear the screams coming from inside along with the sounds of furniture being overturned and thrown about, Riley yelled for the prisoners to come out but the screams continued, lights from the nearby guard towers had now tracked to the front of the P.O.W quarters, Riley yelled once more for the prisoners to come out, then all fell silent from within the building. Reluctantly Riley looked inside, it looked as though a bomb had gone off inside bunks and other furniture were thrown about, body parts littered the floor and blood was everywhere it was as though someone had taken buckets of it and thrown it all over the room, he looked around to see if anyone was alive, as his eyes darted around the room Riley clinched his rifle tight that’s when he saw it hunched in the far corner it’s eyes glowing as if the fires of hell itself were lighting them, Riley tried to scream but nothing came out he couldn’t move and was sure that he had pissed himself. The beast leapt towards Riley, he didn’t even have time to squeeze the trigger on his riffle, he wanted to run but it was too late it had him, he could taste the distinct taste of copper in his mouth it was his own blood streaming down his face as the massive pressure of its jaws began squeezing on his skull then everything went black as his head was pulled from his body as easily as one pulls a grape from the vine.

Having heard the commotion Conrad and Delirium who were also on patrol ran to see what was going on, as they approached the building they saw the headless body of Riley come flying out the front door and the outline of something, they weren’t sure what it was but it damn sure wasn’t friendly. They began shooting into the building, the siren sounded and the guard tower lights were tracing around the entrance to the P.O.W. quarters. The chaos that ensued next is almost impossible to explain as the soldiers barracks emptied and descended upon the P.O.W. quarters. The soldiers began surrounding the front entrance and firing inside the building though some of them weren’t even sure what they were shooting at, a long unearthly howl came from inside the building then part of the front wall seem to explode as the beast busted through the wall leaping into the courtyard, the soldiers ducked and covered their eyes so not to get hit by all the flying debris, the creature began running towards the Barracks, the guard towers were trying to keep up with it but it was moving faster than they could move their large spotlights.

Oberst G. Sides came running from his quarters demanding someone tell him what the hell was going on, Oberstleutnant Mike Jamieson tried his best to explain the situation though he wasn’t quite sure what he had just seen, what they did know is the creature had run into the northern most warehouse. Oberst G. Sides ordered all tower guards off the towers and to form up in groups, “Were going to flush this bitch out and kill it!” Oberst G. Sides screamed. Within minutes every person in compound was surrounding the entire warehouse except for Oberst G. Sides, Mike Jamieson, Mike O’Malley, and Malcolm tucker, they were going inside everyone else had strict orders, if anything other than them came out shoot to kill.

As the four entered the building Oberst G. Sides yelled remember shoot to kill!! We could hear the Oberst issuing orders and cussing the beast from outside the building, The sound of automatic gunfire rang out from inside, we could hear Oberst G. Sides yelling “Left! He’s to the left! God damn it shoot him!! He’s running! He’s Running! Damn it Malcolm don’t let him out, cut him off! Now God damn it Move!”

The creature burst through the door leaping over the head of Hauptman Rimbo then running to the south fence back towards the P.O.W. quarters, Oberst G. Sides yelled “every one follow him!! Don’t let that son of a bitch get away!” every soldier began to give chase and followed the creature back to the P.O.W. quarters. As they approached Oberst G. Sides screamed “Everyone rush the building I’m not letting this bitch get away!! Let’s get in there and kill it!” Everyone began to file in, half through what was left of the front door and the other half through the hole in the front wall. There was blood everywhere in the room, so much so that it was difficult to even stand, everyone stood near the entrances panning the room for the creature, without warning it leapt from a rafter above moving towards the front door, everyone began firing at once, the sound was deafening, the bullets seemed to slow it down but didn’t seem to have any other effect on it, the beast jumped right in the middle of the group that had gone in through the front door and began throwing them like rag dolls across the room, Oberst G. Sides who had entered through the broken out section of the wall ordered everyone to rush the beast, the entire group rushed forwards firing madly at the creature but to no avail the creature turned its attention towards them grabbing them as if they were mere paper and tossing them about the room.

Gun fire had gotten more sporadic now and was mixed with screams of men in various spots around the room. As everyone eyes adjusted to the dark room they could see the creature slowly walking towards Oberst G. Sides as it got within feet of him the beast hunched down as if to make a final killing blow when a thunderous shot rang out in the building, the creature instantly dropped and began to howl and convulse, everyone looked towards the Large hole in the front wall to see Arzt Wisblechlad standing there holding a rather large pistol. “now that gentleman is how you kill a fucking werewolf” Wisblechlad said with the calmness of someone who had just poured himself a cup of coffee, the howl had turned to more of a gurgling noise now, everyone looked back to where the creature lay but in its place was naked body of the prisoner that had been brought in the prior day. “Burn that piece of shit” Wisblechlad instructed, “what the hell was that?” Oberst G. Sides asked “did you not hear me it was a werewolf and we need to burn it’s body, it’s the only way to be sure” replied Wisblechlad “sure of what?” asked Oberst G Sides “to be sure that it’s dead, burn it till nothing is left” replied Wisblechlad

Everyone coming out of the building was covered in blood from the poor souls that the creature had feasted on just moments before, “Is everyone ok? Was anyone bitten?” asked Wisblechlad, each soldier answered that they were fine and the blood on them was from being thrown around the room, “what about you Doc are you ok? You seem to have some blood on you as well.” Asked Oberst G. Sides, “Yes I’m fine, it’s not mine” explained Wisblechlad “it came from the body of Gefreiter Varlas, I went to check on our guest when I discovered his body next to the cell, that is when I heard the sirens go off and I came to see what was going on.” Oberst G. Sides looked at Wisbechlad shaking his head “what the hell do you have loaded in that thing anyway? You dropped it in one shot.” Wisbechlad looked down at his pistol “that was a pure silver bullet, only one that I had, my grandfather gave it to me years ago, it’s the only way to kill a werewolf when they’ve transformed, when there in human form you can kill them as easily as you kill any man, but I always recommend burning the bodies of any abomination such as that” Oberst G. Sides looked at him almost half laughing at what he had just heard “well let’s get this shit cleaned up I don’t know how I am going to explain to Obergruppenfuhrer Fuekenstik that his prisoner is dead and we are responsible for killing him.”

Sept. 5th, 1943 10:00
A large hole was dug today and all the bodies along with the charred bones of the body we burned last night were dumped inside covered with lime and then covered back up, we have begun work on repairing all the damage done from last night. Let’s hope that tonight is uneventful.

Just to be clear, these ranks are for plot purposes only and have no effect on gameplay, right?

Better watch out for Fuckingstick there, Oberst Sides sir.

Lieutenant: You’re worthless and weak. Now drop and give me 20!


“Klink! Klink! I have to be in Brussels in the morning!”

Except that all you poor sons of bitches gotta keep rank when I’m around!

Also: Fucking hell that was an interesting opening.


Also: Fucking hell that was an interesting opening.

Agreed. Good job, Clay!

Well that is a lot of action. Wow. I’m worried though. With no more silver bullets, what’s to stop the werewolf from killing everyone the following night?

still getting out the emails to everyone, I hope you all enjoy the game. If you have questions please feel free to contact me.

So guys, should we be… doing anything? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a little antsy just waiting around here to see if that… whatever it was is going to come back tonight.

Where exactly is the secret porno bunker and how do I get assigned to it?

Distinction in service in keeping me alive.

I assume that we are all stationed in the secret porno bunker. I’m going to be roleplaying that a little later, if you know what I mean.

Here is a crude layout of the compound, the red area is the underground area, you will notice that there are entrances to it from several buildings.

Are the names set up to show ranks? Or did you just rank us in order of our names?

ranks were randomly given

okay, but is the list written such that the highest ranked are towards the top or not? I’m not up to snuff on my WW2 German military ranking besides knowing that mine means Supreme or Superior, and due to the story, assigning me as the leader of this POW camp

My duty roster shows the ranking thusly, Herr Oberst.

Demon G. Sides - Oberst (Colonel)
Mike Jamieson - Oberstleutnant (Lt.Colonel)
Mike O’Malley - Major (Major)
Rimbo - Hauptman (Captain)
Scrax - Hauptman (Captain)
Crater - Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)
extarbags - Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
Malcom Tucker - Feldwebel (Sergeant)
Conrad - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Cormac - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Delirium - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Juan Rayo - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Marged - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Ninyu - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Riley - Gefreiter (Corporal)
russellmz00 - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Sarkus - Gefreiter (Corporal)
seventimessix - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Squirrel Killer - Gefreiter (Corporal)
Varlas - Gefreiter (Corporal)

Wisbechlad - Arzt (Doctor)

Thank you, Squirrel Killer. You may be up for promotion.