Cleanmaster Ate My E-Mail (?)

Last week (I think) my PC told me my SSD was about out of space (probably Oblivion saved games). So I Googled something like “what is the best free disk cleanup tool” and off a list of results I picked Cleanmaster. I ran it, and it worked. Yahey!

This morning it gave me an alert that it could clean up another 4.x gigs, so I clicked the button. By coincidence later that morning my PC sound went out — I know it was coincidence because the problem turned out to be an RCA cable, which I replaced. In the course of troubleshooting, I restarted my PC a couple of times.

And when I went to check my e-mail via the usual Thunderbird shortcut, I got a message saying the target of the shortcut had been changed or moved. Same with the other shortcuts (desktop, toolbar, start menu). So I went to the programs x86 folder for Mozilla Thunderbird and found the folders all present but apparently empty of files.

I do have an e-mail archive I saved a few years ago, but I still may have lost important and dear correspondence. Is there a way to find and restore the Thunderbird archive?

So many disturbing parts of that post.

You can search your PC for mbox files. If they somehow still exist you can repoint thunderbird to them.

I presume no backups?

Like I said, I have a backup a few years old.

Are .mbox files definitely what Thunderbird uses? Is there a reliable file recovery tool I can try?

use windirstat next time.

Have you checked the recycling bin? Perhaps the files have not yet been permanently deleted.

I did check, and the bin was emptied — that was part of the cleanup. I had not put my Thunderbird files in there, obviously.

What about file recovery? Is there a tool anyone has had success with?

You mention program files is empty, but have you looked for the email profile in appdata?

That’s still there! So if I reinstall Thunderbird and aim it at that profile, I may well be good. I’ll back the profile up first. OK, everybody cross your fingers.

All fixed! Thanks, moss_icon.

Oh, and I found I did back up my profile only 6 months ago, so I knew all this then. Getting old.

nice one :)

Do you to try to stay off the cloud? If not, for $70/year and really no configuration whatsoever, you can get Backblaze cloud backup w/ unlimited storage and then won’t ever have any Cleanmaster panic moments again.

I’ll look into that. Thanks!

Hey, this is great! It has little Pac-Mans going back and forth as it scans a disk, and once they were done I used the tree to see within 30 seconds where an improbably large bolus of disk space was being used. Turns out my encryption/decryption software (AxCrypt) doesn’t delete its unencrypted copies of files after they’re closed, so they just pile up. Jeez!