Cleared Hot, pew pew get to da choppa!

I was browsing reddit and came across this yummy little ditty. Looks fun!

Ooo, that’s giving me some Renegade Ops vibes! (Not to mention Infiltrator on the Apple II, even though the flying was first person.)

I had the same thought, though I was picturing the Atari 7800 version:


I’ve seen it described (by RPS?) as a Desert Strike-alike, which definitely makes me want to check it out.

Rescue Raiders on the Apple 2e was my jam. I’ll keep my eye on Cleared Hot

Makes me think of Thunder Wolves on the 360, that game was a bunch of fun.

Very excited about this one. Between this and Thunder Helix:

It’s a good time to be a Jungle/Desert Strike fan.

I can’t even count how many hours I (and several other people) spent as a freshman in the dorm playing this on the Apple IIe’s of a couple of hallmates. I remember we all liked the next-to-last version of the helicopter as you advanced through the levels, which had air-to-air missiles and machineguns, as I recall. After that, the machineguns were replaced with napalm rockets. Those could be lobbed at targets off-screen, but you had to RTB to rearm too often.

Yeah that’s what it looks like to me and I’m definitely interested.

After watching 5 seconds of the trailer I shouted “oh look someone remade Desert Strike!”

Megacopter is a SF retro Desert Strike-like launching in 2 weeks, and it has a demo.

Oh, wait, I think that was the one I read about.

Wait, what?

Well now I’m interested!

I guess I am a graphics snob, because I don’t think I can go back to the retro style of Megacopter, but the Cleared Hot graphics, though simple, I can accept.

I was that guy with the //e. Rescue Raiders was a favourite.