Clemens is cooked

“Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte has told Congress of a conversation he had with Roger Clemens in which Clemens admitted using Human Growth Hormone, ABC News has learned.”

That about does it in the court of popular opinion, I would guess. No one is going to believe Clemens now.

I guess we get to see Hall voters trying to decide if his record prior to use warrants a first-round entry, sort of like the debate that will frame Bonds. Ironically, if neither plays this year they will be eligible for the first time on the same ballot.

I think the argument for voting for Bonds based on his record before steroids use is stronger. Clemens was great prior, but not a sure first-ballot HOF member IMO. His career really picked up steam after he started using.

I don’t think either of them will be voted in on the first ballot at this point. In fact, I’m not convinced either of them will ever be voted in. Depends on just how much more evidence comes out, and to some extent on whether league-wide performance drops dramatically with increased testing and visibility of the issue. If the rest of the league suddenly drops in stats dramatically, that will really make players like Bonds and Clemens look bad.

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Maybe he’s done in the court of public opinion, but as far as this week’s testimony is concerned, I have low expectations that the congressional testimony will result in any legal consequences for Clemens. Based on last weeks Congressional shenanigans, they’re too star struck to do anything significant:

Public opinion is what Clemens cares about, and it will result in the loss of endorsement income down the road, so it’s not a light penalty.

Unless of course Pettitte is a liar…

Still, I think something will happen, and there will be a perjury charge someplace given what’s happened over the last week or so.

— Alan


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They were like best friends, I can not believe he would sell him out like that.

Petitte’s a pretty big Godder, so he’s even bigger friends with Him.

Ugh. All of a sudden I’ve found I’d rather watch the spacewalk.

— Alan

You’re under oath, you tell the truth.

Clemens shouldn’t have cheated. Then he wouldn’t have to be afraid of the truth.

Why are you eating fishsticks so early in the morning? That’s gross, dude.

Unless you’re in England. Then it’s cool to eat fishsticks at any time of day.

— Alan

Rep. Davis: “Mr. Clemens, do you recall bleeding through your pants in 2001?”

Clemens: “I do not.”

— Alan

Yea, I’m sure Andy had visions of Martha Stewert and her troubles in his head. Remember she didn’t go to jail for the actual stock selling shenanigans she was originally accused of but the lying about questions while under oath. You don’t mess around when the Justice Department is hanging around listening.

How exactly do you do that? Is it anything like this?

Is it weird that this was my first impression?

It kinda makes sense now. Clemens knew what kind of pitch hitters were anticipating. Fucking Kuato.

I think both mens’ (Bonds and Clemens) Hall of Fame voting will depend on the outcome of trials. It would seem a near certainty (no matter how star struck Congress is) that there will be a perjury investigation opened with Clemens, and subsequent trial just like there was with Bonds.

I don’t understand why these athletes keep doing this. Geezus haven’t they seen the light yet? ESPN has pointed out that no athlete has gone to jail for using these performance enhancing drugs, they are going to jail because they keep lying under oath and then getting discovered. I guess they get bad advice or something or can’t believe that their friends don’t want to lie right along with them. Stupid.

The problem is with their steroid policy.

If I were Bud Selig, testing positive = perma-ban and a hefty fine for teams. Don’t wanna lose your career? Don’t juice. Want your team to have lots of money? Don’t recruit/encourage players to juice. The problem though, is that the MLB feels dependent on steroids to keep their attendance, advertising and sales up high. People loved seeing Bonds hit home runs and Clemens throw strikes.

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