Clerks 2

Opening next week.

Is it me or is odd that they’ve decided to open this on Comicon weekend?

Anyhow, I’ve been following the video podcasts for this one, and I’m feeling like it might be pretty good. It’s a good cast, and the bits I’ve seen look actually funny.

It also got an 8 minute standing ovation at Cannes this year.

The scene were the fast food till operator quietly tests the customer with the Lord of the Rings line reminds me of Trevor’s “This bickering is pointless” fiasco.

I haven’t been following it much, but just from the commercials it looks pretty awful. But I thought that about Rushmore, so maybe commercials aren’t the best indicator.

It’s going to be awful, and then you’re all going to come in here and cry about it.

well if you hate Mallrats, maybe this isn’t the movie for you.

It also got an 8 minute standing ovation at Cannes this year.

How the hell does that happen? Do they get to the minute-marker and then everyone is too scared of being the odd one out that no-one stops clapping?

And then Jay and Silent Bob are going to come around and kick your ass.

Mallrats? Really?

Dogma had a decent concept that was ultimately unworkable, and J&SB Strike Back had five funny jokes, but I can’t think of anything redeemable about Mallrats.

Jason Lee and the New Kids joke. Also the pretzels

Maybe Kevin Smith came out and said that was his last film ever and no one will ever hear from him again. I would clap for 8 minutes for that.

I must be crazy, because the trailers looked awesome. I’ll be seeing this asap.

Boy, what a bunch of Smith haters! And here I thought the comic book nerds around here would have loved his stuff.

I’ll be in line on opening night. Can’t wait. Mallrats is one of my all-time favorites, and the original Clerks was monumental, save for the shitty acting by the supporting cast.

Maybe Smith is a Middle-East-Coast thing. My dad’s from Jersey, after all…

Man, what’s with all the Kevin Smith hate around here? Dude has thus far made four great movies, one just okay one, and one that nobody saw. In fact, it was only recently that I discovered that, apparently, it’s hip to hate him. Why?

Edit: oh yeah, and a great TV show. What gives?

The trailer does look good. I just hate Smith and most everything he does.

He had an ok run on Green Arrow and several horrible runs on Daredevil (yeah I said that again) and there was the whole Spiderman/Black Cat fiasco.

It’s the M. Night Shyamalan/Signs syndrome. At a certain point, if someone’s recent movies suck hard enough, you have to reassess whether their “good” movie sucked as well and you just didn’t notice.

See also, the Matrix.

I don’t think Clerks sucks. Just him and most of his other movies. I hate Clerks because it launched his career but by itself, its ok.

Kevin Smith movies are hilarious the first time you see 'em, but on repeat viewings, you realize that everyone is talking in mini-polemics. His dialogue is too smug.

…Except that Kevin Smith made four great movies before taking a downturn, not one, and the downturn isn’t nearly as sharp.

Four great movies? Please.

Easy now - I like Mallrats, but I wouldn’t call it a “great” movie.

My $0.02: Clerks and Chasing Amy, brilliant. Dogma and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, flawed but interesting. Mallrats, crap but I like it anyway. Jersey Girl, swing and a miss.