Clerks III - Snoochy boochies

Good on him for finding ways to fund this stuff still.

Could be good.

ridiculously meta.

But also, who knows.

Jesus, what an incredible idea for a plot - I’m super in, but when Kevin speaks he sounds like I would if I was saying those things, so I’m kind of his ideal audience for something like this.

I dunno. It could be interesting. But the whole meta approach could also backfire because whatever the runtime of this is laden with self-referential “Remember this?!” bits could also very grating very quickly.

Now that I think about it, I don’t remember a single thing from Clerks II.

The only things I remember from Clerks 2 are Rosario Dawson dancing and the donkey show.

Dang, most of those actors are looking beat for being in their early 50s.

Clerks 2 had a great bit about going ass to mouth.

Wait, there was a Clerks 2?

Clerks II and Zack and Miri were the last Kevin Smith movies I thought were pretty good. I’ll check this out at some point, although that’s some substantial(even literal) winking to the audience in the trailer.

Clerks 2 was just barely tolerable and his last watchable movie. The Jay & Silent Bob strike back sequel was god-awful dreck, so I don’t have high hopes for this one.

That was Reboot, right?


That’s interspecies erotica, bucko.


Well, that’s either going to be completely terrible or utterly brilliant. I’m rooting for the latter, meta-vortex for the win!

Hmm. Despite all expectations, this is getting decent reviews. Not great, but better than Reboot.

This lines up with my expectations! Audience score seems about right. These kinds of movies (not just Smith, but really most comedy films) don’t seem like something that ever review well. I’ve noticed that basically my entire life. I suppose humor is particularly subjective.

I saw it last night. I thought Reboot was a terrible movie with a few enjoyable moments.

I thought this was a wonderful blend of commentary about change, acceptance, mortality, and growing old, peppered with a liberal dose of amazing nostalgia for Clerks fans and too many dick jokes.

I fucking shed tears in a Kevin Smith movie. Didn’t see that coming.

This thing has a weird release through Fathom Events here in the US, and is only playing for a week in this area, at least. So if you’re a big fan of the original Clerks and the early View Askew films, I highly recommend getting out and seeing it in the next few days.

My girlfriend, who thought Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was abysmal, enjoyed this too.

I give it 4.25 out of 5 Moobies.

My local theater is playing it once/day at 7pm and that’s it. But they’re carrying it through the weekend, so I plan on seeing it sometime this weekend.

Pleasantly surprised by this take, Reboot was really unnecessary, Smith has a distinctive voice that needs some somber moments to come through (and often still fails utterly, because it’s SO distinctive.) Reboot was trying to capture Strike Back, but that was only ever going to be a one-off answering the question of, “What if just Jay and Silent Bob had a movie?” Looking forward to it.

Never caught it in the theater, but we rented it tonight for $4 on Amazon. It was. . .OK. A few short laughs, but more of a sad movie than a comedy. Some nostalgic moments, I rented Clerks back in 95 if memory serves, seems like a lifetime ago, but it also felt like an uninspired retread and I couldn’t help but think if this is the point Smith is at in his career, maybe it’s time for him to find a new profession.