Cleve Blakemore - from people who know

Also: I’m a big fat ass of impossible proportions. Looks like you’ll have to fall back to calling me gay too Cleve. And you know what they say about men that think everyone around them is gay…[/quote]

Well, I don’t think I was projecting onto the lads at Wright Technology. The lead programmer wore lipstick and hair gel, did his eyes with mascara and had his ears and tongue pierced. He usually worse fishnet singlets and skintight silk pants. If you asked him if he knew what time it was, he usually pursed his lips like he had swallowed a lemon and shot back “What time do you think it is?!? Tsk! It’s time for you to get a watch, pal, that’s what time it is!! Away from me, big boy!” (waved delicate slender bony hand in a flicking motion at me)

At that time I was only about 50% as strong as I am now, roughly four times as strong as an ordinary person. That means that I could have snatched him by his throat and physically thrown him upwards into the ceiling through the plasterboard where he would stick like a dart, then snap his head off by grabbing his knees and twisting him with a sharp motion.

Instead, I’d say, “Ooooooohkay, John, I’ll just go back to my cubicle. Sorry for asking you about the time.”

If I saw either the senior programmer at Wright or his second-in-command on the street today, I would actually strike them hard enough to cause their skeleton to exit their body temporarily leaving their bag of skin hovering in midair for a moment before it fell to the ground in a heap. “Hey, tell me what time it is now!” I’d say to the quivering bag of skin with two eyes like limpid eggs in yolk on the sidewalk in the last remaining seconds of consciousness before ‘it’ died. That’s the Frank Capra ending, the upbeat scenario mind you.