Cleve Blakemore in "Rape Them, Black Master!"

As Cleve huddles in his bunker, dwelling on human weakness, he again turns to the Negro Champion as his just punishment, his salvation:

I fear being as weak as Whitey. Look at that flabby pathetic creature. I seek the strength of solitude. Just me and my weights and my glorious distance from corruption.

How pathetic, that Whitey enslaved such a virile, strong, potent race as the Negros. How I despise them for it. How I dream, long for the Negros to do the same to Whitey.

Ah, but the dumb Negros never can, unless we help them. Shall we fuck the mind, dissolve the intellect? What is being smart, except a form of control? Ah yes - the path to glory of the negros - sports. The raging physicality and passion is perfect for them.

And Whitey - now will sit in his box and control the world from afar. He will let the Negro out to play.

But how will justice happen? How will Whitey pay for his crimes? Ah yes, GUILT… that most powerful of tools… what will whitey give, what weakness will whitey accept… what means will whitey pursue to absolve such a dreadful guilt?

Perhaps - his women? Ah yes, woman, that most treasured of prizes, the only true form of wealth.

Rape Them, Black Master. Oh, not the women… you strong powerful virile men, take them tenderly, show them a power and a love that Whitey can never give. Rape the Men, rape their shreds of remaining self-respect. Rape their hopes, rape their futures. Leave them with nothing, because that is what they deserve.

All hail the Negro Champion!

Can you please go back to collecting post statistics or something? These bizarre cries for attention are getting really old.

Time for a new paradigm?

Someone needs to tell Tom the Koontz-bot is broken again.

I do miss the post statistics.

I do too. I really, really did enjoy them. I say this every time it comes up, and Brian never starts up again because somebody made a script to keep track of that stuff, but I don’t think it works anymore and it was never as comprehensive anyway.

Can’t we return Brian in exchange for the real Cleve?

Bite your tongue, Nahr. Brian’s remarks here seem pretty straightforward to me – an invocation of the element of the Enemy present in Cleve’s philosophy – in Cleve’s case, a tidal wave of humanity, as dumb and strong as zombies. Most reactionaries have a worldview which posits an outside force as being responsible for the problems of their society. (That’s why reactionaries gain so much standing when an outside force is in fact responsible for some of their societies’ problems.)

This outside force is interesting. It can’t be too strong, because it might become admirable or awe-inspiring and cause people to defect or capitulate. But it can’t be too weak, or it will be impossible to justify special measures to fight it. So it’s both weak AND strong. The classic example of our times would be The Terrorists: they are simultaneously cowardly and fanatical. Their cowardice makes them morally and aesthetically intolerable, but their fanatic bravery and their ability to “strike at any time” mean that they could credibly “destroy our way of life” unless we are ruthless enough to reshuffle our civic principles to better wage total war.

Cleve’s system of belief draws its power from the potency of the Enemy. The scarier non-white ethnicities are, the more people will think Cleve makes sense. But the less that his chosen Enemy can be plausibly tied to the most prominent troubles of the world he lives in, the more people will just dismiss him as crazy, and the harder he’ll have to think to find a way to convince himself that he’s right. (Although it gets easier over time. Reaction and tradition, together again.)

Therefore Brian reduces this to its ultimate and absurd conclusion: Cleve praying to that which he fears and hates to do that which he abhors and reviles so that people will pay attention to him and his fascination with what he fears and hates and abhors and reviles. After all, anybody who plans on being Serious Angry will first need something to be Serious Angry about.

Unicorn, you’re no Koontz. (And you should be happy about that.)

Is this a movie or a book or something? I feel left out.

Hackneyed fanfic of some poster that quickly degenerates/switches to himself: check.

Preoccupation with fear: check.

Preoccupation with self-aggrandizement: check.

Weak invective used for shock value: check, Whitey.

Clumsy invokation of four-letter words: check.

Allusions to rape fetish: check.

Deifying of self/other: check.

Peremptory BillD reply: check!


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I’m ambivalent. Who am I to say that being me is better than being someone else?

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