Cleve: Infected, a pain in the arse, or what? Virus Question

So this morning NAV catches a copy of the W32.Bugbear.B.Dam virus in my inbox, with these headers:

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 15:46:31 +1000 (added by [email protected])
Message-ID: <3EF7A10D002DF0B2@> (added by [email protected])
From: Cleve Blakemore <[email protected]>
Subject: Hi honey, ignore this

I know most viruses have fake “from” headers nowadays, but given the date and message IDs, these are likely actually from Cleve’s ISP, no?

And if so, it means either:

  1. The World’s Greatest Programmer doesn’t even have sufficient virus protection, or
  2. Cleve (or someone geographically near him) is maliciously manually sending out viruses to QT3 members
  3. Massive coincidence that I’d get a virus with fake headers indicating it’s from QT3’s most notorius troll.

Now that the responses are up to 95% dog pictures and “I’m leaving” quotes, I don’t so much mind “Cleve’s” presence. But if he’s maliciously sending viruses out…

Anyone else get an email virus with Cleve’s headers last night?

[size=1]edit: Filled in an omitted word[/size]

Nope, but you did email Cleve at one point, yes? If your email is in his inbox, the virus may have grabbed your address from there.

Yep, I did send an (unanswered) email asking if that was him posting to QT3. Given that there’s not a rash of “I got infected by Cleve” posts today, I’m guessing that’s where the virus came from.

Golly. I sure hope the virus doesn’t damage the Grimiore source code!

The Grimoire source code is the virus, Denny. That was supposed to be your review copy.

hahahaha!!! I almost fell out of my chair on that one!

Dude, Cleve totally called you “Honey”.

Denny, you are obviously a minority and are just trying to ruin cleve’s excellent reputation. Please tell us the white man who helped you with this ruse, as obviously non-whites would not be able to handle such a complex subterfuge to trick Cleve.

Who is the race trader Denny!?!?!