Cliched WWII game generator

Just a heads up, your generator has Vengeance misspelled as Vengeange.

Ah, vengeance.

EDIT: Hah, your error is forever tattooed onto the internet, despite your frenetic correcting.

The sailor is, uh, making sure they don’t drop deptch charges into Berlin’s sewage system

Ah, vengeance.

EDIT: Hah, your error is forever tattooed onto the internet, despite your frenetic correcting.[/quote]

You work for Satan directly, I bet :)

… apparently linking directly doesn’t work…

Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Noooo!

K-9 Kommandos are go for action!

Nazi and Tora! Tora! Tora! in one title. Those wacky germans…

Hrmph! That is so not the picture I linked to.

Rob, you might be able to get some good WW2 images out of

It’s all propaganda remixed for modern politics, but pull out the text (or find his image source), and away you go!

Okay, it’s not one of Rob’s pictures but that site has a few funny ones.

I love that art, but this is the superior fake message:

Operation Achtung is my favourite.


Because i was bored i wrote up a huge list of stuff for your generator at work :) Use it, or not, as you like! And i know, beforehand, a couple are silly. Also i don’t know exactly how your generator handles prepositions. I’ll post them in the same sentence to keep the page view sane.

Grand Slam Home Run Aldertag Gutentag Schwartztag (i think) Rapier Broadsword Gladiator Victory Crusader Templar Liberation Champion Hammer Victoria Milk Maid Avalanche Librarian

Algeria Tobruk Egypt Crete Malta The Balkans The Baltic Prussia Silesia Foggia Montecassino Warsaw Normandy The Crimea The Lowlands New Guinea Smolensk Greece Mesopotamia Burma Caucasus The North Sea Norway Guadacanal Toulon Poland France Yaktusk Rome Moscow Leningrad Paris Ploesti Warsaw London Lvov Tolouse Cambrai Saarland Palermo

Race to Gamble at Stalemate at Seige at Bridgehead on Blitz on Victory at Battle at Defense of Assault on Liberation of Second Front in Second Chance at Disaster at Return to

The Yangtze The Po The Dnieper The Danube The Volga The Ruhr The Rhein The Nile The Elbe The Rhone The Somme

I think “Attention! Achtung!” would be an instant classic.

I love this thing, by the way. My only suggestion would be to randomly add a “2” or “II” to the titles and something like “Fans of the first game may remember liking this one some time a few months from now.”

“If you are the sort of player who enjoys the sort of gameplay that this game has to offer, then there is a possibility that you might like this game, though it is also possible that you won’t.”


“worth the price of admission!”


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll be revising it this weekend, and I’ll be sure to add everything good. SelfishGene especially – wow, that’s quite a list!


Just for kicks, you ought to throw together a page that draws from both of your game generators.

I think one more full-featured generator with a boxshot, and a half dozen plain-text title generators for other genres, and we have a TOP 10 game sales chart page!

(maybe EA Sports Game Generator for the third one. Obviously, it’s too easy to do normal sports, so it should do sports EA would never touch. CURLING 2K6, maybe.)

Codename: Hello Kitty