Click the squares

With headphones on.


That was the most euphoric experience of my life.

I don’t get it. Did I just fail to appreciate art?

Um… did you have the sound turned on? And how many squares did you click?

Your link is to a jpg.

Did you maybe mean or something similar?

There are more sophisticated ones with various keys etc. And ultimately music notation’s probably easier.

This appears to be a non-interactive jpeg without sound. Headphones didn’t add much to the soundless experience.

ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH. How could I so comprehensively fail? By getting my Qt3 links confused across two sub-forums in the wee hours of the morning, that’s how.

THIS IS WHAT I MEANT. OP redacted accordingly. My sincere apologies for wasting anyone’s time with a bad link.

Now try clicking the squares, there is a 99.5% probability it will be more fun :-)

This stuff was pretty cool 3 years ago.

If you want attention with a years-old link and a discussion-free OP, would you kindly get it from Reddit?

old or not, I hadn’t seen it. Way cool. Thanks Repo.

They are actually kind of cool if you drag the mouse and notice that rather random doodles often sound (semi-)musical.

However, if you try to actually do tunes on them they’re too short and they’re only “in one key.” There’s one on newgrounds or some other flash site where you can choose the keys, but that just makes you wish even more for proper musical notation.

Thanks for the link. That is fun!

That was really fun. I want something just like that but with more sounds and some way of adding rhythm bits.

That is cool. Know what might be cooler? Someone add sound to the original head!

I don’t want attention, I want my friends to see a cool thing. It looks like that part of it worked :-) “Years old” does not imply “everyone knows about it.”

Well I clicked on the other link that somebody else posted and that was awesome, so I heartily approve of this thread.

The weird animated faces was awesome too.

So RepoMan gets a +1 from me :)

someone should link you Auditorium and really blow your mind.

Please. As soon as you post anything musical you know there’s going to be hipster backlash.

This is pretty much the same as tonepad for iphone isn’t it?

You people are all poopooheads, that thing was awesome and thanks to RepoMan for posting it. Very Steve Reich.