Clicky Hard Drive

I bought a new system the other day and am in the process of transferring parts from my old PC. The new case is a Lian-Li PC-60, which, in its ideal configuration, has hard drives mounted on their sides behind the front fan. The problem is that one of my older HDs (which has heretofore remained horizontal in its operational life), will click about once or twice a minute when put in this position.

Is this a minor annoyance or should I pull out the HDs and stack them as God intended? Or is this drive a goner, no matter how I mount it?

Make a backup immediately, keep backing up any new data immediately, order a replacement drive, then wait for this one to die.

Putting it back into horizontal position might extend its life but clicking is always a bad sign. If you have SpinRite you could run a thorough surface check to see if there are any bad sectors.

It’s not called the click of death for nothing.

Thanks. Valuables have been offloaded and the drive has now been reserved for stuff I wouldn’t miss, yet am too lazy to erase. In other words, low-grade porn.

Acronis Home 11 just went on sale for $10.

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What website, Wisefool?

nm, found it. Acronis web store.

That’s a pretty great deal.