Cliffksi and the Pirates

They use them so you don’t tamper with them and try to circumvent the protection. And possibly, later complain to them when you screw something up with said tampering?

If it doesn’t do anything else, why hide it from me? It’s my computer.
See above.

If you sneak files in there without my consent, forgive me for assuming that you have criminal intent.
Their sole intent is to make sure you’re playing with an original disc. If you really fear “they” might use SecuROM to look at your “My documents” folder or to spy for your online banking login, I think you are confusing Macrovision with 2600 dot com.

Complain? No. I simply refuse to buy or use DRM-protected consoles for this very reason.
What consoles have you owned since 1996?

I kind of agree on most points…

Thats part of the reason why we made the demos for EU3 and Rome into “full games, but limited time” in them. People WANT to truly try a game before spending 90$ on it… Or 40$ if you live in the US :)

There’s a gliche with the SecuROM driver which causes windows explorer to crash every time you right click on an executable.
I didn’t even mention this because there was a fix out from SecuROM which remedies the situation.
However, it also implies the SecuROM driver is essentially active at all times, as opposed to only at times a software it is supposed to verify is running.


I call bullshit, the REAL cliffski would have exploded at the mere thought of talking to pirates. This is obviously a pod person.

The problem with hiding all these CP files, I would suggest, is more related to the exploits they expose for other folks than for their own sake. I’m sure we all remember the Sony rootkit problem. It’s also bothersome when you start poking around on your machine and looking for problems and you find this crap hanging around that you don’t know where it came from or what it does, but seems to have been designed to evade your notice.

I kind of find it hilarious - copy protection is attempting to deal with people doing something shady and illegal by emulating the behavior of shady, illegal things? I mean, I’m not convinced that DRM and copy protection actually save money for game companies, but if you’re going to do it you should be upfront, obvious, and transparent about it and make it simple to back out. My understanding is that all that stuff is really only intended to prevent piracy for the first week or three - given that fact, why do you have to hide all the junk you use to do it?

As in others threads about piracy, i am tempted to speak about my case, but it wouldn’t be very useful, as it seems i am not representative of any big group, i am a fairly rare case, they type who both download illegal games and buy games. Most of people fall in one category or the other (“i buy everything, death to pirates!”, or “why i should buy a game, if i can play it for free?”). Sadly lots of my friends are in the latter category, even if i point them to shops with good offers. :/

And yes, when i say i pirate games and buy games, that includes sometimes the same game in the same month, i have bought games after finishing them with the downloaded copy.

yes, don’t you know ? you must be the 1% on this forum that doesn’t. most major game demos have used whatever copy protection the retail version will use for several years now. this is mainly done so that crackers can not simply exchange the two executables when the full game is released. in the past, many of the demo executables were identical to the retail executable so there was no need for a crack even. the scene simply replaced them and that was that. so even thou it’s only a demo, parts could be interchanged. also most major copy protections also encryprt certain files (not just executables) to make it harder for the crackers to compare an unprotected and thus “clean” demo executable/dll versus a protected and obfuscated (code wise) retail executable/dll. so even thou the demo is not “protected” some integral files “are”. this is nothing new and everybody on this l33t forum should know that by now.

and i know that you too are confusing macrovision (makers of safedisc) with sony dadc (makers of securom)… if you gonna forum bitch slap (fbs) someone, at least get your facts straight.

I stand corrected.

Well, and although I haven’t installed a lot of demos lately, it must have been completely invisible because I don’t remember a demo installing some SecuROM crap on my computer.

Aslo, my intention wasn’t to bitchslap anyone. I thought we were just exchanging opinions on copy protections, and nothing more.

sure, and it’s meant to be that way… also, like stated, not all demos do this. and almost always the demos, like i also stated, are not actually “protected” like the game is. that is to say the protection driver is not functional or even installed in some cases. (that’s assuming you don’t already have a previous retail/full game that already installed a driver et al from another game) most demo executables have traces of the protection if for example you use protection id/a-ray scanner et al to scan the exe/dll/other files. (or just know what to look for) most encrypt the exe and maybe some other files and that’s usually it. so you can use a demo on any pc as many times as you like and all that, ergo not protected in the true sense. with demos the “sensitive code” is what’s protected, rather then the demo itself. don’t confuse the two.

Is this Gothic4?

I think starting over is not too much of a punishment for piracy.

yeah ? but what is ? what if instead they format your drive ?
and if that occurs because of a false positive ?

No it’s the game discussed in this thread.

It’s a RPG from a German developer and based on the “Realms of Arcania” (“Das Schwarze Auge” in German) rule set / world.
There are older games based on that world like “Amberstar” and “Ambermoon” back from AMIGA days.

People assume it will be called “Realms of Arcania: Drakensang” or something alike if it ever gets released in English which is not planned yet as far as I know.

Give me a fucking break!
You should be aware that things can happen if you use cracks!
Hell I got my WoW keylogger from some NoCD crack I think.
Should I go and blame the makers of the game I used it for that my chars in WoW were stripped of his gold and items + I got a warning from Blizzard?

In case you wonder:
I did blame myself, installed anti-virus, contacted Blizzard and asked nicely how to proceed. Finally most of my shit was given back by a nice GM and at the end I said: Thank you and sorry for my mistake!
The GM said: Wow nice! Usually people don’t thank us…

They do happen though, especially as they become more zealous about what they try to detect and consider suspicious. I still can’t play Mass Effect due to the DRM failing for vague reasons, and support’s answer was to try things I’d already done. And I’d be even more pissed off if instead of a blatant “could not verify protection” error it had gone and slowly corrupted my perfectly legitimate game instead.

intruder et al;
there is a simple/quick/cheap/legal way to play any and all commercial games that have any kind of disc based copy protection. you will never have to wait for cracks, or risk viruses/trojans with using cracks from suspect" sources. buy or even trial programs that can create images from your original disc. the original is needed to make a full and proper image. you can not make one from a regular “iso” from a torrent site or a bad copy - so don’t bother preaching all you uneducated zealots*. there are dozens of such legal programs including many US based ones or at least with current and legal US field offices. (even with the dmca) these programs are easy to use. they include but are not limited to: alcohol 120%, blindwrite, cd space, cd mate, daemon tools pro, virtual cd, virtual drive etc… these programs do not circumvent the copy protection found on the disc, rather they back that up too, thus creating a “true” backup - legal even in the US. all companies state that right - read the back portion of any manual - it’s clearly stated. thing is, companies don’t have to make it easy for you to do so, but you are allowed to create and archive a personal backup as long as you retain the original copy.

  • i didn’t mention anyone so if you feel a rush of heat to your face and an uncontrollable urge to post, don’t bother. …unless you really want to.


What I mean to say is you are ironically trying to justify a false positive by possibly creating a false positive of your own.

  1. It is not free.
  2. It does not always work due to blacklisting etc.
  3. It takes longer and is more effort than downloading a small file
  4. It clogs up your hard drive
  5. I actually don’t know about the legality one way or the other. Anyone?

ok i just posted the above post trying to help (educate) a noob like you. i’ll leave it as is to at least help others. your attitude is rude and explosive. and i wouldn’t normally have a problem at all. free speech and all that. but when you try to be “smart” in a forum know your facts moron. i know more then you will ever know in your lifetime about pc copy protection in my little finger*. this comment to you just now will be seen by most the “elders” here as patronizing. but fuck that. if you wanna talk about pc copy protection you fool, you’ve found the right guy to talk about it to. what do you think you know ?? huh ? what ?? because’ i’ll set you straight…

read some of the official readme for some major pc games patches that clearly state things such as: “fixed an issue with the copy protection where original discs were not recognized as such”…

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