CliffyB gets a new yorker profile

I didn’t see this coming.

Bleszinski drove into Epic’s parking lot in a red Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, the top down despite an impending rainstorm. His current haircut is short and cowlicked, his bangs twirled up into a tiny moussed horn. He was wearing what in my high school would have been called “exchange-student jeans”—obviously expensive but slightly the wrong color and of a somehow non-American cut. Beneath a tight, fashionably out-of-style black nylon jacket was a T-shirt that read “TECHNOLOGY!” His sunglasses were of the oversized, county-sheriff variety, and each of his earlobes held a small, bright diamond earring. He could have been either a boyish Dolce & Gabbana model or a small-town weed dealer.

I kid with the pull quote. It’s a pretty interesting overview from outside the games industry of epic, the industry, and our man.

Is it as good as his previous interview?

Doesn’t he prefer to not be called CliffyB any longer to look like serious and shit?
I recall that he complained about his old nickname a while ago somewhere.

Damn comedian.

He isnt CliffyB anymore ,is Dude Huge or Clifford Bleszinski

Well, it’s in the article, along with one of the more acerbic commentators here.


Does Epicboy drive the orange Porsche?

ClifferyB is pretty, like a pony.

On Somethingawful, he often posts up awesome photos of game events for us, he’s a really nice guy, I’d buy him a beer.

Ted Price is my pony then. :D

“Awesome” would be invitations.

I find it interesting that the article discusses his interest in dropping his unserious moniker and yet he agrees to be photographed like this for New Yorker. Pretty illuminating article for Blezinski, that aside.