Clinton: he actually couldn't inhale

Stumbled across this in Gary Wills’ review of Clinton’s bio:

Clinton’s time in Oxford led to many silly charges against him. He was said to have been a protester in Arkansas, at a time when he was in England—an accusation that came up in his campaigns for state office. Much was made of his confession that he tried marijuana but “did not inhale.” Could not inhale would have been more truthful —his allergies had kept him from smoking any kind of cigarette, and the respected British journalist Martin Walker, who was with Clinton at the time, confirmed that he and others tried to teach Clinton to inhale, but he could not—he would end up “leaning his head out an open window gasping for fresh air.” The problem with a reputation for being “slick” is that even the simple truth can look like a ploy.

There’s also this story I hadn’t before about Betsy Currie making Clinton rattling off a string of women’s names and making him tell her who he’d slept with in 1998.