Clinton will do anything for attention!

Just kidding. Really. :D

His heart attack will not help Kerry get his contra-RNC message out this weekend, though.

edit: Thoughtlessly failed to mention Ihope he pulls through ok.

At least Clinton has a heart! Compared to Cheney, say… :lol:

Hopefully his surgery will go well and he can have a speedy recovery.

I thnk Bush would be the one getting his post-RNC message out. He starts touring America and everything he says falls behind:

Clinton’s heart condition
Hurricane Frances
Russian School Hostages

in the news.


What are you talking about? Clinton was set up to campaign for Kerry over the next two months (ha, like that would ever happen!). Now he can stay quiet. Everyone knows the Clintons are hoping Bush wins. :) Who do you think is really behind the Swiftboat Vets for Truth?? :idea:

Does the media always get in such a dither over a former President going into what is, I’m sure, routine heart surgery?

Routine quadruple bypass surgery? I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing.

I so smell a Letterman appearance. :lol:

Not routine in the sense that any one patient has them regularly, of course not.

But routine in the sense that its not like separating conjoined twins. My point was that with a 2% risk, I fail to see why the media felt this was such a huge deal to repeat every half hour.