Clone cd virtual drive

could someone direct me to a well written, step by step, guide to using the virtual drive of clone cd. Love the concept, can’t figure out how to use it.

Select “read to image” in the menu bar, follow the prompts. When its finished copying - go into my computer and right click on the virtual drive, select “virtual clone drive” then “mount.” It will then prompt you for the location of the image, find it and your done.

Miracle invention really, I haven’t had to replace scratched cracked cds in ages.

I prefer Daemon Tools, just because it handles copy protection better… same basic technique though. Mounting CD or DVD images is so much more flexible than futzing around with real physical discs…

yeah, daemon tools is like 5 times better for managing multiple image drives. it’s a good way to get people up and running at lanparties if they don’t have what everyone else is playing. you can share out an image file on the network, and they can access, install from there, and use your share for their CD check

clone cd wouldn’t work with riso of nations, or I somehow did something wrong, which is possible. Kept getting the message to insert the cd. So I downloaded daemon tools, how do I do the read to image part with it? I don’t see that option at all.

daemon tools requires you to make an iso of the actual cd. Use some cd program to do so.

Alcohol 120% is actually the best I’ve found at this; it can mount any sort of .bin, .img, .iso file what-have-you, and can emulate pretty much all copy-protection schemes as well. With big-assed hard drives, I too prefer to just rip an image of a game and keep it on the hard drive rather than look for CDs every time I want to play a game.

a combo of clone cd and daemon tools worked really well for me, thanks all for the help.